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The Best of 2018: Inspiring Travelers

by Team Fathom
Road The open road. Photo by Kathleen Whitaker.

Mother-daughter road trips. Adventures with toddlers. Couples on the run. It's not necessarily about money or time or access or even the destination — good travelers go out on a limb, take risks, and reap the rewards of serendipity and circumstance. We're taking cues from travelers we admire in these feel-good Fathom stories.

Sri Lanka
Photo by Sara Banks.

Three Kids, Two Parents, and One Tuk-Tuk Have a Grand Old Time in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
When you run a luggage company, you do a lot of traveling. Sara Banks, founder of Steamline Luggage, spent a month in Sri Lanka with her fancy suitcase, her husband, and ... wait for it ... three boys under the age of four.

American Southwest
Photo by Kathleen Whitaker.

A Mother-Daughter Road Trip Through the American Heartland

The West, USA
Driving from Los Angeles to New York City can be daunting, but West Coast-based jewelry designer Kathleen Whitaker pulled it off in style with a little help from her mom. 

Photo by Tess Falotico.

In Love? Then It's Time for Road Trip in the Roman Countryside

When you are hungry and in love, there’s no better place to explore together than the hills beyond Rome.

San Juan Islands
Photo courtesy of REI Adventures.

Meet Cynthia Dunbar, the Globetrotting GM Leading Ladies into the Great Outdoors

As part of our Great Women in Travel series, we talked with Cynthia Dunbar of REI Adventures about her career managing the most successful division of socially conscious company REI.

hiking in China
Photo by Kyle Long.

From Shanghai or Beijing, Go Take a Hike in the Chinese Countryside

After one too many Xiao Long Bao and enough city smog to last a lifetime, a long hike in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to see China. Kyle Long, co-founder of UnTour Food Tour in Beijing and Shanghai, leads the way.

Gorillas in Uganda
Photo by Steve McCurry.

When You Meet a Gorilla in the Mountains, Here's How to Take the Best Photo

Universally recognized as one of the world’s finest image-makers, photographer Steve McCurry has a talent for capturing raw emotion in a single picture. We caught up with him after a trip to East Africa with Silversea Cruises, where he photographed one of the region’s last remaining mountain gorillas.

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