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The Best of 2018: The World of Food Stories

by Team Fathom
Arthur's Arthur's Nosh Bar, Montreal. Photo by Daniel Schwartz.

It's a good week for cracking open new books, reading stacks of magazines, and, of course, indulging in wanderlust. We're combing the archives and sharing some of our favorite discoveries of the year — and the ones that had our mouths watering.

Food Tour of Naples
Photo by Gianni Cipriano and Sara Smarrazzo.

A Pizza-Free Guide to the Best Food in Naples

Naples, Italy
In Naples, where pizzerias and pizza-loving tourists abound — this is the birthplace of pizza, after all — it can be easy to overlook everything else that this town's rich, flavorful culinary tradition has to offer.

Arthur Nosh Bar
Photo by Daniel Schwartz.

At This Jewish Diner in Montreal, Order the Pancakes

Montreal, Canada
"Everybody knows that when you go to a Jewish diner, you order matzo ball soup. Or knishes. Or latkes. Or pickled herring. Or just about anything to do with lox. Not at Arthurs Nosh Bar in Montreal’s trendy St. Henri neighborhood. You go for the pancakes. Or so I’m told by every waiter I talked to on my weekend in town."

Halla María Svansdóttir.
Photo courtesy of Promote Iceland/Food Organisation of Denmark.

In Iceland, It’s a Woman’s World

As part of our year-long celebration on great women in travel, we're shining a spotlight on Iceland. When it comes to equality for women, the country is ahead of curve. These five female culinary entrepreneurs are showing us how it's done.

Georgia Qvevri
Photo by Jeralyn Gerba.

Naked and Wild: The All-Natural Wine Scene in Georgia

Where the foodies flock, the rest follow with open hearts and mouths. The Republic of Georgia, one of Fathom's Top 10 Places to Go in 2018, has ramped up its gastro game with heritage ingredients for farm-to-table dining and a natural wine scene with ancient production methods.

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