The Roundup

The Best of 2018: The Hidden Gems

by Team Fathom
Strawberry Strawberry Hill, Jamaica. Photo by Josh Lay.

It's a good week for cracking open new books, reading stacks of magazines, and, of course, indulging in wanderlust. We're combing the archives and sharing some of our favorite discoveries of the year — and the hidden gems that made us realize why we like our jobs so much.

Reaching Out Teahouse, Hoi An
Photo by Berit Baugher.

Slowing Down at the Best Little Tea Parlor in Vietnam's Hội An

Hội An, Vietnam
From the street, Reaching Out Teahouse doesn’t look like much. But the tastefully decorated townhouse is a quiet oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Hội An. Opened by a collective of speech- and hearing-impaired Vietnamese, it offers a unique experience centered around enjoying a cup of tea in silence.

Strawberry Hill, Jamaica
Photo by Josh Lay.

How to Get a Buzz in the Jamaican Jungle

We sent the chillest guy we know (and his video camera) to Strawberry Hill in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. He’s still feeling the high.

Med Men Cannabis
Photo courtesy of MedMen.

What It's Like Inside the Apple Store for Weed

Los Angeles, California
It's happening. Recreational marijuana is now legal in the state of California, which means that visits to the dispensary are no longer something 420-friendly travelers have to make their friends with medical cards do for them. Anyone so inclined can just walk into a dispensary by showing valid ID from any state or a passport from another country.

New Orleans
Photo courtesy of The Louie.

How a Yankee Transplant Survives Summer in NOLA

New Orleans, Louisiana
Don't let the heat get you down. A Yankee transplant and innkeeper of The Louie, in New Orleans, shares her newfound tips for surviving summer in the South.

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