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Things Fathom Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 19

by Team Fathom
St. A framed textile on display at St. Frank's new NYC shop. Photo courtesy of St. Frank.

St. Frank Framed Textiles

I'm on the hunt for a few special pieces of art to decorate the walls of my apartment and fell in love with the collection of framed textiles at St. Frank’s new NYC outpost. From silk suzanis in earthy tones to pastel cactus silk pillows, these traditional textile souvenirs are taken to the next level with high-quality framing.– Berit, senior editor

Master Boddington Correspondence Kits

Master Boddington Correspondence Kits

Ah, the promise of summer. It feels like a good time for making resolutions: I will take windsurfing lessons, read a novel a week, and host a clambake. At the very least, I will resume letter writing, the kind I used to do with camp friends. Back in the day, I felt such a sense of accomplishment slipping those freshly stamped envelopes into the mail box and flicking up the flag. Likewise, watching the postal truck chug down my sleepy street with a bundle of colorful letters and pen pal packages was a thrill in those internet-free days. Seeing these new paper sets from my favorite local stationer gave me a pang of nostalgia. How fun to ditch the email catch-ups and Instagram comments and instead send old-fashioned letters to friends asking what they're doing for their summer vacations. ($35-$55) – Jeralyn, editorial director

Morph Wood Speakers

Morph Renew Wood Speakers

Speaking of simpler, less techie times, I've recently learned about a line of charmingly lo-fi iPhone speakers that are eco-friendly, handcrafted, and made to order from natural woods. It won't blast your tunes, but rather give you a rich sound — more record player than MP3. Custom options are available, if you're in the market for something to slap your logo on that isn't a phone charger. The company donates a portion of all sales to TreeEra's tree-planting in initiatives, and that's excellent. But what I really love is that there's no bluetooth to sync, no batteries to pack, and no cords to untangle. ($24.99) — Pavia, CEO

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips

This balm is the answer to all my dry skin problems when I travel. Inspired by a nipple cream created for breast-feeding women, it's safe enough for babies to ingest — meaning there are no artificial additives or toxic ingredients — but powerful enough to soothe the most chapped skin. The gooey consistency creates a protective layer that stays on for the longest of long-haul flights. And it works as a highlighter, eyebrow gel, and lip gloss. – Delfina, intern

Athleta UPF Clothing

Athleta UPF Clothing

With spring upon us at last (is it just me or does every winter seem to be getting longer and longer?), arranging summer travel plans no longer feels like an exercise in futile optimism. Personally, I’m looking forward to doing plenty of hiking and have set my sights on Athleta’s UPF line. Anyone hoping to spend a lot of time outside this summer should consider adding ultraviolet protection factor items to their wardrobe, as the fabric shields the skin from harmful UV rays that permeate clothing, further protecting against UV-related health risks. The collection, a mix of activewear, street wear, and bathing suits, is functional — every item has a UPF rating of at least 30+ — and stylish. – Rachel, intern

Eau D'Italie scents

New Eau D'Italie Amalfi-Inspired Scents

Eau D'Italie's perfumes and toiletries transport me to the Amalfi Coast and their glamorous home base, Le Sirenuse in Positano. And I can't get enough of the punchy graphic design. Just in time for summer come two new fragrances: Fior Fiore evokes the night-flowering jasmine that fills the picturesque terraces; Rosa Greta is an homage to the flowers in Greta Garbo's gardens in Ravello. ($160) - Pavia

Snowe Candle Travel Set

Snowe Travel Candle Set

The smallest luxuries pack the biggest punch when you're on the road wishing for the comforts of home. Already a fan of Snowe's full-size candles, which come in scents like Staycation (juniper twig, tonic bean, cardamon) and Pillow Talk (sandalwood, ginger, lavender), I was psyched to see the new set of candles made especially for traveling. Each hand-poured candle is made from 100 percent natural soy wax and has a burn time of 25 hours, which feels like a steal when compared to other high-end candle brands. ($50 for a set of five) – Berit

Handwoven Summer Picnic Basket Bag

Handwoven Summer Picnic Basket Bag

Rattan gets bumped from home decor textile to fashion textile every spring; this year is no different. I like carrying around the notion of a picnic when I'm really just commuting to work. I also like carrying around snacks, so I'm looking forward to slinging one of Misha & Puff's Indonesian basket bags (with a leather strap) on my shoulder all week long, from now through Labor Day. ($98) – Jeralyn

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