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Things Fathom Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 18

by Team Fathom
Horizn A sleek hard-shell suitcase with a handy front pocket. Photo courtesy of Horizn Studios.

Horizn Studios Model M Cabin Luggage

After many years spent traveling with a soft-shell suitcase, I recently converted to a hard shell and often find myself wishing I still had a front pocket for stashing my passport, ticket, and a small stack of magazines. I have my eye on this new model from Germany-based Horizn Studios, which has the best of both worlds — a sleek polycarbonate shell and a high-end nylon front pocket that can hold a laptop. (€299) — Berit, senior editor

Lewis Loungewear

Lewis Loungewear for Kids

My well-traveled two-year-old is really into wearing pajamas around the clock. She found just the occasion — a long-haul flight from NYC to LA to Sydney — to wear a brand new pair of PJs from a cool little brand called Lewis. Created by two moms with sweet design skills, the thick 100 percent cotton sweatsuit sets are printed with things like sting rays, seaweed, and parsnips. They're not too babyish or girly or precious, they're not even too pajama-ish for outside, and they can withstand rough-and-tumble airport acrobatics and plane snack spills. Also available are equally cute blankets, burp cloths, zip pouches, and other travel-friendly accessories in the same patterns. ($48 for a set of PJs) — Jeralyn, editorial director

Gnarbox 2.0 SSD Backup Device

Funny name aside, this rugged backup device means serious business for travel photographers and videographers who don’t want to constantly lug a laptop. The latest version, which has far surpassed its funding on Kickstarter, backs up files and integrates with apps like Lightroom, Premiere, and Dropbox to help you organize, edit, and share content on the fly. I want. (from $299 on Kickstarter) – Daniel, editor

Jibs Gold-Toe Sneakers

Jibs Gold-Toe Sneakers

My Jibs sneaker obsession began with a leopard pair in the classic shape. They were fuzzy and cool, compact and comfy. I wore them — hard — through the woods in Australia, the beaches in the Bahamas, and the cobblestones of London, to say nothing for regular use on the streets of NYC. I'm now wearing a slim design in nude leather with a kicky gold toe. Made in Brazil, the shoes are breathable and washable. I plan to wear these out also. ($118) — Pavia, CEO

Fictive Fingers Classes

Fictive Fingers Screen Printing Online Lessons

The Singaporean screen-printing sister duo just made it easier for anyone, anywhere to learn how to make their own prints. Sign up by this Sunday to receive the home printing kit (includes a screen, a wooden squeegee, and eight blank stencils) to join this month's session. ($113) – Becky, contributing editor

Ouai Dry Shampoo

Ouai Dry Shampoo Foam

The urge to jump in a hot shower after a long flight is tempting, but when you only have 24 hours in a new city, every second counts. Thanks to this travel-size dry-shampoo, I don’t have to waste time washing and drying my hair. The foamy consistency, which is different from other dry shampoos that come in aerosol spay cans, is a plus because you can you freshen up on the airplane without bothering passengers around you. ($9) — Delfina Forstmann, intern

Bembien Chloe Bag

Without a doubt, my favorite purchase of summer 2017 was a handwoven rattan bag that I got more compliments on than I could possible keep track of. As a habitually carrier of giagantic tote bags, the compact purse forced me to lighten my load and went with just about everything. This summer, I have my eye on a new open-top model with cute circle handles. ($185) – Berit

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