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Things Fathom Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 16

by Team Fathom
The Cat's Pajamas tea has catnip, peppermint, and valerian. Photo courtesy of Tea.O.Graphy.

Tea.O.Graphy Tea

Assam from the northern hills of India, pink rosebuds and chamomile from a Provençal garden, a spicy tea blend inspired by Christmas in New Mexico — these are the cuppas that can transport you to another place any time you step into your kitchen. ($3 for a 3-cup sample; $11 and up for a 2 ounce package) - Jeralyn, editorial director 

Photo courtesy of Phaidon.

The Japanese Garden

Winter in New York City has me longing for greener days, which is why I have my eye on this gorgeous coffee table book. Through a series of essays and photographs, readers explore the art of the Japanese garden. ($43) – Berit, senior editor

Photo courtesy of Slughaus.

Slughaus Self-Healing Wolverine Pack

I have my eyes on this lightweight daypack for when the weather warms up and hiking through the woods without seven layers of clothing becomes an option. It’s packable down to the size of a smartphone, is weather resistant, and — get ready for this — made of regenerative fabric! Heat and friction from your fingertips is all that’s needed to heal small punctures made by branches, bramble, and any other sharp objects one might find on a nature walk. ($89) – Daniel, editor

Photo courtesy of Flight 001.

Flight 001 5-In-1 Adapter

The colorful multi-country travel adapter has been my go-to for staying powered on the road. Before I head to Singapore and Vietnam at the end of the month, I’m going to upgrade to the latest version, which features two built-in USB ports. – Berit, senior editor

Bringing It Home and Dinner in an Instant

It's February and I'm freezing, so I'm staying in, nesting and trying recipes from the latest cookbooks from my friends, both Fathom contributors. Top Chef judge Gail Simmons' Bringing It Home: Favorite Recipes from a Life of Adventurous Eating has me craving Vietnamese Omelets and Charred Grapefruit Mezcalita ($16.98). New York Times food columnist Melissa Clark, who writes a new book in the time it takes me to read 300 emails, inspired me to buy a pricey new gadget with Dinner in an Instant: 75 Modern Recipes for your Pressure Cooker, Multicooker + Instant Pot so I can make Green Persian Rice with Tahdig and Japanese Beef Curry ($13.96). Both authors — hooray! — were just nominated by International Association of Culinary Professionals as finalists for the best cookbook of the 2018. — Pavia, CEO

Flight Spray

Call me crazy, but I swear that the key to health is having moisturized airways. This holds particularly true for airplanes where the humidity levels are significantly lower than the Sahara Desert (fact). In an effort to stave off colds and this year's dreaded flu, I went online and read that this was THE nasal mist to keep flyers breathing right. It has a sort of herbal essence, and since I started using it I'm much more comfortable, especially on long haul flights. — Christina Ohly, Contributing Editor

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