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Jobs at Fathom

We run a tight ship around here. Photo: Joseph Barrientos / Unsplash

Fathom is the award-winning boutique travel website that connects discerning travelers to expert intelligence and marquee brands, inspiring journeys the world over.

We're also an incredible place to work. Here's what we're currently looking for.


We're looking for interns to join the Fathom editorial team in our New York City office.

Fathom interns are smart, resourceful, obsessed with travel, clever, kind, flexible, responsible with deadlines, organized, and generous of spirit. Great taste and the ability to impress us with good ideas are a given. Excellent decision-making abilities, familiarity with web publishing, and respect for tight deadlines are requirements. Quirky sense of humor and a big appetite are a major plus.

The internships include a range of opportunities and learning experiences. This is a startup, and we move fast, and we like to share what we know. We are specifically looking for:

Editorial Interns

Responsibilities: Help with all aspects of story production, including pitching, writing, production, fact-checking, copy editing, writing, and research. You will often work with our contributors and interact with our readers.

Requirements: Excellent grammar and writing skills. Familiarity with basic HTML and web production.

Social Media Interns

Responsibilities: Help manage all aspects of our social media platforms, including writing posts, managing Instagram takeovers, sourcing collaborators, collecting analytics, and researching/launching Fathom on new platforms that haven't been developed at the time we're writing this. You will often interact with our audience.

Requirements: Fluency with and obsessive interest in all social media platforms and styles.

Sales and Marketing Interns

Responsibilities: Help with all aspects of the business process, including researching and securing contacts for prospective client meetings, executing mailings, and assisting with sales proposals and client reports. You will work closely with the VP of Sales.

Requirements: High energy and self-motivated. Strong communication and writing skills a must.  

Graphic Design Interns

Responsibilities: Help develop and expand our visual identity. Primary responsibilities include conceiving and executing all graphic elements for promotional campaigns, stories, and social media; photo sourcing, editing, and production; creating custom infographics and maps.

Requirements: Have a discerning critical eye. Be proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and/or other common design applications. Must have a laptop with graphic design and layout software. Video editing skills are a plus.


We need you and your laptop for 20-24 hours over 2-4 days per week in our downtown Manhattan office. Internships include a stipend, as well as fitness and wellness classes at our Primary office space. We are happy to offer college credit.

How to Apply

Charm us with an email at explaining why you'd be perfect for us. Be sure to include your resume.