We are pleased as punch and very grateful for the lovely attention we've gotten.

Cool Hunting
New Guides from the Anti-Tourist Travel Site
"This unusually pleasant approach to vacation planning is no happy accident. Motivated by past experiences of wading through extensive recommendation lists, founder and CEO Pavia Rosati worked with editorial director Jeralyn Gerba to 'create a beautiful place for the travel-proud to get inspired, then come back and share their adventures."

Former DailyCandy Editors Launch Travel Site Fathom
"Whittle the overwhelming amount of content available online down to only the good stuff."

Traveler's Delight
"New travel hub Fathom reads like a dinner party conversation among a group of well-heeled travelers at a remote inn in Morocco."

Fathom Travel Site Taps Kate Spade To Guide You Through Your Next Vacation
"There are plenty of travel sites out there, but have you ever noticed that almost all of them help you get where you're going and then leave you all alone in the dark once you actually arrive there? What spots are must-see, what food is must-eat, and which shops do you absolutely have to pop into? There really isn't a great way to efficiently and reliably plan out a trip itinerary on the web, except of course for the new travel site and service, Fathom. And thanks to a new partnership with Kate Spade, Fathom is about to get a whole lot more fashionable."

The New York Times T Magazine
Site Specific
"To save the rest of us the trouble, Rosati started Fathom: guides, postcards and resources by journalists, tuned-in travelers and readers eager to share."

Inspirational Websites
"A site for anyone with wanderlust written and photographed by the people who actually get up and wander. A true source of genuine travel recommendations."

Your Next Trip Starts Here
"Rosati and Gerba, whom we've long considered walking guidebooks, had a simple goal: create the travel site they want to read as travelers. Instead of characterless, luxury hotels (or hostels, for that matter), think charming bed-and-breakfasts. In addition to trendy restos, get the best pasta ever down that narrow alley to the left."

The Sunday Times of London
The Best New Travel Websites
"The elegantly curated guides include hotels, restaurants, links to other sites and itineraries under headers such as It's My First Time or I'm Here on Business."

The Wild Blue Wander
"New York startup Fathom serves up online guides like those magical emails, along with tools and stories, to get the aspiring airborne out of Dodge. The curatorial bent shouldn't surprise, given the site was founded by a pair of Daily Candy alums, Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba."

Startup of the Week
"I am sure you will keep going back to it."

Traveler Q & A: Pavia Rosati
"We love Fathom and can't wait to see how it's going to develop."

Christopher Elliott
The 11 Best New Travel Blogs of 2011
"It is, in fact, a gorgeous — and gorgeously-written — new travel blog. If I had designers like that, I would be making Arianna Huffington money in travel journalism."

Wander Woman: Travel the World Without Leaving Your Desk
"The website is an ode to wanderlust composed in colorful, off-the-cuff anecdotes and downright useful guides." 

Tasting Table
Meal Plan: Two Sites for the Globetrotting Eater
"Explore this site by finishing the sentence, 'I travel for the...' After doing so, you'll find interviews with notable travelers, itineraries for cities around the globe and suggestions for restaurants from local chefs." 

Food and Wine
Trendspotting: Curating
"Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba just launched the tip-filled"

Gotham Gal
Pavia Rosati, Fathom, Travel Maven, Woman Entrepreneur
"What I love is that she has taken all of her interesting experiences and business acumen and launched Fathom."
All we know is what Google Translator tells us. Hello to our new friends in Croatia!