Hometown Debrief

Chicago, One Neighborhood at a Time

by Emily Fiffer
Photo: Courtesy of Lula Cafe

CHICAGO - Chicago is all about its neighborhoods, which have distinct personalities, scenes, and world views. You might be staying downtown or in the Gold Coast, but to get a feel for the city, go wandering.


Photo: Courtesy of Glazed & Infused


The Scene: Hipsters and foodies; indie boutiques and stunning Victorian mansions
The Stops: Granola from Milk and Honey. Flowers at Asrai Garden shop. Doughnuts at the Glazed & Infused window across from the Damen L stop. Tacos at Big Star. Dresses from Penelope's. Staring in the mansions on Hoyne Ave.

Honky Tonk

Photo: Courtesy of Honky Tonk BBQ


The Scene: Every artist in town lives and works here
The Stops: Gallery crawls on the 2nd Friday of the month in the Chicago Arts District. Inventive spa treatments at Chocolate For Your Body. Vintage clothing for men and women at Knee Deep. Tres leches cake at Kristoffer's Cafe & Bakery. Dinner at hotspot Nightwood. Late nights and live music at Honky Tonk BBQ.

Morlen Sinoway

Photo: Courtesy of Morlen Sinoway


The Scene: Out with the meatpackers; in with the restaurants, cafes, and the people who love them
The Stops: Evaluate tomorrow's art stars at Packer Schopf Gallery. Have a head-to-toe massage at Spa Space. Channel the Rolling Stones in France at Nellcôte restaurant. Unearth a vintage fashion treasure at Décollage. Find something nice for the living room at Morlen Sinoway.


Photo: Courtesy of Balena


The Scene: College kids and yuppies, strollers and ladies who lunch
The Stops: Zebras at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Green City Markets on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Sweets from Floriole and pizza from Balena. Theatrics at the Wizard of Oz-themed Oz Park. Steppenwolf Theatre and Alinea Restaurant.

Longman and Eagle

Photo: Courtesy of Longman & Eagle


The Scene:Epicurians meet hipsters over the dinner table
The Stops: Sunday brunch at Lula Cafe, followed by shopping at the Logan Square Farmers Market. Cocktails, live music, and art at The Whistler. Gastropub fare and cozy hotel rooms at Longman & Eagle. Nouveau yakitori at Yusho. Dumplings at Urbanbelly. Artisanal craft beers with a shot of political activism at Revolution Brewing.


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