I travel for the Food

Burgers in the London Garden

LONDON - Shake Shack is opening in Covent Garden this week. If you're a Londoner reading this, go reserve your place in line. This place is going to be a sensation.

Little Black Book: South Mumbai

MUMBAI – Another gritty and glamorous city that doesn't sleep, where people come from all over the country to live out their dreams, and the skyline can stop you in your tracks.

Girls Gone Wild in Marrakech

MARRAKECH – It takes the museum/shopping/spa cliché and turns it on its head. This city is the ultimate girls' night out.

Traveling Solo: Eat at the Bar in Paris

PARIS – Alone in one of the best cities for food on earth? Grab a seat at a bar. The people around you will talk to you (nicely, even) and make you feel welcome. 

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