I travel for the Food

Traveling Solo: Eat at the Bar in Paris

PARIS – Alone in one of the best cities for food on earth? Grab a seat at a bar. The people around you will talk to you (nicely, even) and make you feel welcome. 

Love Letter: Nopi in London

LONDON – This is passion, raw and unfettered. This is an Olympic gymnast in the kitchen. This is simple, you're told. "Five ingredients."

History, Hollywood, Heaven: San Ysidro Ranch

SANTA BARBARA – We're talking an outstanding experience. A 12 on a scale of 1-10. Words can't describe the perfection. For a long weekend, a honeymoon, a mellow family trip, all of the above. 

A Wine Tour of Napa and Sonoma

NAPA AND SONOMA COUNTIES, California – Yes, the scnerey is gorgeous. Yes, the food is great. But you're here for the wine. Let's get to it.

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