WIN! A Weekend of Wanderlust in Marrakech

by Team Fathom

The rooftop at Riad Farnatchi. All photos courtesy of Riad Farnatchi.

Fathom readers know that we're committed to sending them around the world as often as possible. Which is why we love putting together amazing trip giveaways. (Yes, people really do win them, and they always have a great time.)


All it takes is an email address.
Contest ends December 31, 2016.


The Hotel: 3 nights at stunning Riad Farnatchi in the medina. Fathom's Pavia Rosati stayed here a few months ago and absolutely loved everything — the hammam, the restaurant, the room, the rooftop.

The Airfare: A $1500 stipend for the flights.

The Market: A guided tour of the market.

The Camel: A camel ride!

The Itinerary: A Fathom editor will help you create a custom itinerary. (A $500 value.)

Riad Farnatchi

The hotel courtyard is postcard-perfect. Photo courtesy of Riad Farnatchi.


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