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The Travel Wardrobe We Hope to Pack One Day

by Madeline Weinfield
If we ever get out of the house again, we'll be sporting something new. Photo courtesy of Raen.

Dreaming of the day when you will pack your bag and roll through some new, uncharted territory? Us too. Here are new items from cool brands we'll be filling our suitcases with .... eventually.


The California-based sunglasses brand's ultra-tinted lenses, durable handmade frames, and reasonable price tag make us feel cool even when we're sitting alone on our fire escape. We like the Gilman for its classic, unisex design, super dark lenses, and shiny black frames, and the Remmy-A for its of-the-moment take on a classic, round silhouette. ($135)


The aromatherapy brand makes a travel diffuser that plugs into a USB outlet. Pack this in your suitcase to add a bit of luxury to any hotel room or Airbnb. The diffuser ships with Campo’s Relax scent – an essential oil blend of lavender, neroli, rosemary, and frankincense. The company also makes roll-on oils like the Flight blend, which promises to help fight fatigue post air-travel. For now we’ll use it as a midday pick-me-up. ($49, diffuser; $25 and up, essential oil)

Noka Supply

The COVID-19 pandemic is certainly making us rethink how, when, and where we travel. It’s also making us rethink how we pack and what we pack for. Noka's pill storage boxes are discrete, stylish, and provide the organization you need when life calls for medicines, vitamins, and placebos. ($39)


We’re not sure why we don’t see more people wearing this brand; it is — hands-down — one of the best sources for stylish hiking pants. Recently, they expanded their expert craftsmanship to other travel-ready pieces. The ultra lightweight merino and silk polo for men is designed for performance and packs light. ($49)


Speaking of the guys, zero waste brand Outerknown makes a puffer jacket from recycled plastic water bottles that is about as light as a feather and can be stuffed into even the smallest backpack. Somehow, it’s also super warm. The ladies collection is pretty great, too. We will be hitting the road (err, couch) in their S.E.A Suit this spring. ($248, puffer; $168 S.E.A. Suit)


The indomitable merino wool tee from performance wool brand Woolx promises to regulate body temperature, resist odors, and dry quickly. You may fall so hard for it that you’ll find yourself buying merino underwear. ($68, tee; $26, undies)

WANT Les Essentiels

The Canadian brand makes the kind of essential bags, shoes, and wallets that we’re dreaming of toting around … anywhere. The Cambria Leather Shoulder Tote is particularly good for travel. An elevated take on a cross-body bag, this tote is made from soft yet structured leather that’s sturdy enough to hold everything you need for a day in the city (including a book). ($475)


This is the brand behind the virtually un-ripable pantyhose — made with the same fibers used in bullet-proof vests, they are at least ten times stronger than anything else on the market. Need a fun Tik Tok activity? See how far you can stretch the Classic Sheers. ($59 and up)

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