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Locals Love These 6 Singaporean Souvenirs

by Becky Cheang

Clockwise from top left: Photo by Becky Cheang; courtesy of The Little Dröm Store; Becky Cheang; courtesy of The Farm Store.

For the longest time, it was impossible to find cute souvenirs from Singapore that weren't kitschy and Merlion-shaped (the half-mermaid, half-lion national landmark) or inspired by the Singapore Girl's sarong (seen on many a flight attendant).

Recently, young designers and thrifty business people began producing souvenirs that showcase the quirky side of the country I grew up in. These days, I'm spoiled for choice every time I go back for a visit.

My favorite souvenirs play on Singapore's multicultural history and kaleidoscope of local cuisine. One glorious day will come when I'll be able to get chicken rice and chili crab through U.S. customs. Until then, here's a smattering of food-inspired items I'll bring back instead.

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