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The Globetrotting Stylist's Treasure Hunting Essentials

by Sibella Court
Sibella Sibella Court. Photo courtesy of Sibella Court.

A jack of many trades, interior stylist Sibella Court is one of our favorite travelers to follow on Instagram because she’s always on the go — scouting locations for her next hospitality project, sourcing goods for her Sydney shop, and collecting material for her latest book. We asked the Australian creative for a list of her packing essentials, the products she can’t bear to travel without.

I travel in search of inspiration, which I find when I pay close attention to the way people live in different environments, use exotic materials for their crafts, and approach color combinations both man-made and natural. From scent to soundscape, a change in daily life allows me to look, immerse, embrace, and soak up all the details that I then refer to later in my interior design projects, product developments, and writing.

Nappa Dori Camera Strap

Not only is this camera strap incredibly good-looking and comfortable, it has an ever important holder for the lens cap so that you always know where it is. ($134)

Namibia Calico Hat

A hat is a must on every adventure. This one has a soft calico crown that can be flattened for packing. (£125)

Kind Sir Luggage Tags

I have these customized beauties for all of my bags. The natural leather is a favorite. I love the patina that develops with each trip. ($89 for two)

Aesop Rinse Free Soap

Great for a quick and refreshing cleanse during or after a long flight, tuk tuk, or camel ride. ($10)

Le Paar Lip Balm

Travel wreaks havoc on my skin, so this lip balm is a god-send for my lips, hands, and face. It’s all natural and comes in a beautiful space-conscious container. ($33)

Sony α7R 11

I photograph my travels for my books and inspiration boards for the interiors I design. The Sony is a lightweight, full-frame slice of heaven for shooting from the hip. (from $1,898)

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Calf Sail Sneakers

I love a comfortable and good-looking sneaker that can easily move from day to night — from the street to the restaurant to the dance floor — without giving me blisters. ($570)

Ray Ban Aviator Classic

My go-to sunglasses look perfect in any setting — from desertscape to cityscape. I own many pairs, but like that I can always pick up another at any airport. ($143)

Sally Campbell Linen Scarf

You can never have too many scarves. They double as sarongs, picnic blankets, turbans, wash clothes, sheets, or can just be something to layer or use to change up your travel clothes. ($195)

Moleskin Brown Kraft Journal

An essential for making lists and taking notes on all the hotels, shops, restaurants, and gardens I stumble upon or have recommended to me. ($13 for three)

Case for Making Watercolor Travel Case

I love the romance of a quick painting. I always take the time to study an object and turn it into a watercolor souvenir. (From $68)

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