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Lizzie Fortunato's 10 Chic Travel Accessories

by Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato

Lizzie and Kathryn on a recent trip to Kenya.

We're never not thinking about travel, so is it any wonder that the companies we're most drawn to have wanderlust built into their DNA? Lizzie Fortunato is one such brand. Founded by twin sisters Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato, the cultish jewelry and accessory company uses unexpected materials and champions handicrafts from a breadth of places (Mexico City, Vietnam, Cambodia) and cultures. Here, the sisters share their most essential travel accessories.

Lizzie Fortunato Cuba Libre Charm Necklace 

1. Lizzie Fortunato Cuba Libre Charm Necklace, $345.

I tend to live in our adjustable, layering necklaces. This charm necklace was my constant companion on a recent trip to Africa — I think I am wearing it in every photo. – Lizzie

Rosebud Salve

2. Smith's Rosebud Salve, $8.

Our dad introduced us to the all-purpose salve way before it was cool — filling our stockings with little tins at Christmas time. It has stood the test of time and is still my favorite for chapped lips and hands. – Kathryn

Auntie Oti Washed Kashmir Scarf

3. Auntie Oti Washed Kashmir Scarf, $168.

A really big scarf is the perfect airplane blanket slash travel outfit accessory. I wear this one every day when I am on the go. It has worn so well and always keeps me comfortable and feeling put together. – Lizzie

Lizzie Fortunato Crater Earrings

4. Lizzie Fortunato Crater Earrings, $185.

Earrings are the easiest way to dress up an outfit on the road. Lizzie's personal favorites are the semi-precious inlay Cuban Column Earrings. I think you can't go wrong with our Crater Earrings in navy — they're light and you're guaranteed to get a lot of compliments. – Kathryn

 Gigi Burris Millinery Drake Hat

5. Gigi Burris Millinery Drake Hat, $425.

I am a hat wearer and a huge fan of Gigi Burris fedoras. I love the Drake silhouette for travel — felt for winter and straw for summer. – Lizzie

Lizzie Fortunato Inca Cuff

6. Lizzie Fortunato Inca Cuff, $195.

The Inca Cuff is one of our few classic silhouettes. It's a gold-plated brass cuff inspired by our five-day hike of the Inca Trail. I love how it bends to fit different size wrists and all aesthetics. It's really chic in onyx. I think the pastel colors make excellent gifts. – Kathryn

Soul Sunday Even Keel Aromatherapy Roller

7. Soul Sunday Even Keel Aromatherapy Roller, $18.

The cute little aromatherapy roller is tiny enough to carry in a pocket. Sweet lavender oils promote peace, balance, and relaxation, all the things I strive for when traveling. – Lizzie

Poketo Poppy Cahier Planner

8. Poketo Poppy Cahier Planner, $34.

I draw so much inspiration from our travels that sketching and taking notes becomes an essential part of the process. I love this planner because it's open-dated so I can pick it up midway through the year; there are wide sections for note taking and organizing. – Lizzie

Tabula Rasa Palm Travel Blanket

9. Tabula Rasa Palm Travel Blanket, $295.

I am lusting after Tabula Rasa's travel blanket and matching pillow. We're thrilled to be carrying the new, insanely chic accessories and ready-to-wear brand on Fortune Finds, the lifestyle portion of our website. – Lizzie

Jesse Kamm Kamm Pants

10. Jesse Kamm Sailor Pants, $395.

My sister and I are total suckers for these sailor-style pants. They're made from a super durable canvas, high-waisted and flattering, and look equally appropriate on the streets of New York City or on safari in Africa (we've worn ours in both places). – Kathryn


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