Travel Loot

9 Real Food Snacks for the Road

by Berit Baugher

Warm up with a mug of mushroom hot cocoa. Photo courtesy of Four Sigmatic.

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?
1) Dashing through the airport, looking for breakfast but ending up with airplane pretzels.
2) Driving on an unfamiliar highway debating the merits of lunch at Cinnabon or Roy Rogers.
3) Eating a somewhat unidentifiable meal in a foreign country and going to bed hungry. 

We've been there! Out of our element and in need of a healthy, wholesome snack to power us through the day. Which is why we're constantly searching for new foods to stash in our back pockets.

This week, Team Fathom sampled snacks from new "real food" brands and picked our favorites. These are the Fathom-approved bars, mushroom tonics, and roasted bean snacks we'll be toting in our carry-ons.

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