A Way to Go Podcast

Listen to Fathom's Podcast: A Way to Go

A Way to Go is the new podcast from iHeart Radio and Fathom. In every episode, Fathom co-founders and podcast hosts Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba will ask interesting people to share a great travel story — fun, weird, wild, memorable — that explores why we pack our bags and hit the road.

Along the journey, you’ll meet:
* A writer who exiles himself on a container ship to bore himself into finishing a screenplay
* A newlywed testing her relationship by climbing Kilimanjaro
* An actress visiting rural villages to explain the ins and outs of safe sex
* A graffiti artist tagging his way around remote islands with a stranger

If you are a curious traveler, or just care about experiences more than things, A Way to Go will stoke your wanderlust, add pages to your bucket list, and send you packing on your own adventure.

Find A Way to Go on the iHeart Radio App, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.