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A Way to Go - Episode 10: Loving Disney World, Whether You're a Kid or an Adult with Sally Kohn​

by Team Fathom
Disney Everyone is happy at the Magic Kingdom. Photo courtesy of Walt Disney World.

A Way to Go - Episode 10: Loving Disney World, Whether You're a Kid or an Adult, with Sally Kohn

Political commentator and community organizer Sally Kohn grew up on a steady diet of Disney World visits. Though these days she spends a lot of her time talking about political division, diversity, and identity, she also builds a strong case for vacationing in The Happiest Place On Earth, and shares tips for how to make it magical. Go ahead and act like a kid. It's what you're here for. Have a listen:

Sally and her daughter on the Dumbo ride. Photo courtesy of Sally Kohn.

Links and Info We Mentioned on the Show

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There's No Pressure to Act Like an Adult at Disney World, by Sally Kohn for Fathom


@SallyKohn on Twitter

Sally Kohn's book, The Opposite of Hate: A Field Guide to Repairing Our Humanity

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