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6 DIY Food Kits That'll Take You On a Flavor Trip

by Daniel Schwartz

Photo courtesy of Food52.

You may not have an international trip in the hopper, but that doesn't mean you have to keep it domestic in the kitchen. Cook something that takes you where you'd rather be, and consider using a do-it-yourself food kit as a means of getting there. They each come with a recipe and the equipment and ingredients necessary to make it, saving you time and a trip to the grocery store. And they're fun — who doesn't want to wake up early and boil a batch of New York bagels in their pajamas? Here are a few DIY food kits to help bring the flavors of the world home.

Everything Bagel and Cream Cheese

Photo courtesy of FarmSteady.

New York City: Bagels and Cream Cheese

Rope, loop, boil, and schmear a dozen everything bagels from scratch like the Jewish grandmother you wish you had. The baking and cheese-making kit comes with everything you need to create the New York City classic. Accent and attitude sold separately. ($25)

Harissa Hot Sauce

Photo courtesy of Saffron + Kumquats.

Tunisia: Harissa Hot Sauce

A small dollop of this spicy condiment packs a big punch, but that doesn't mean you won't want to add it to everything. The kit has enough spice to make five batches (you add the red peppers), which won't last long if you start throwing North Africa-inspired feasts on the reg. ($16)

Corn Tortilla Kit

Photo courtesy of Food52.

Mexico: Corn Tortillas

Tacos just aren't the same once you've tried them in Mexico. Blame it on the mass-produced tortillas. Or don't and make your own at home with two pounds of Maseca yellow corn masa flour, a cast iron tortilla press, and a handwoven tortilla basket. ($49)

Mooncake Kit

Photo courtesy of Sous Chef.

China: Mooncakes

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival (or your obsession with all things East Asian) with a mooncake kit, which comes with Azuki red beans for the filling, lye water for the dough, and two moulds — a chrysanthemum for growth and fulfillment and a fish for unity and fidelity. (£15)

Macaron Kit

Photo courtesy of Soft Peak Confections.

France: Macarons

A kit including gluten-free macaron mix, a baking template, and a piping bag makes fifteen French delicacies in either vanilla, chocolate, coffee, or autumn spice flavors. The only thing missing is the filling, and the Parisian lifestyle. ($19)

Kimchi Kit

Photo courtesy of Mother-in-Law's.

Korea: Kimchi

Bring Korea's signature flavor home by fermenting your own probiotic napa cabbage and cucumber kimchi. The kit comes with a glass hermetic jar, chile pepper flakes, fish sauce, and directions to help you along. ($26)


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