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How to Bring Morocco into the Bedroom

by Team Fathom

Chances are slim that you can pull off a Moroccan escape this weekend. 

But there's still time to bring the mood of the medina into the bedroom. Here's how.

Make Moroccan Pillow Talk

1. Set the stage by laying out a Moroccan wedding throw from Shop L-atitude.

2. Buy or borrow a few decorative platters and pile with oranges, almonds, pistacchios, and dates.

3. Fill a beautiful bowl with yogurt, Moroccan honey, and rose syrup.

4. Gift a copy of Paul Bowles stories.

5. And a pair of babbouche slippers.

5. Make iced tea with fresh mint springs and sugar cubes. Pour them into Moroccan tea glasses.

6. Turn on the romance with fresh rose petals and a spritz of rosewater uplifting spray.

7. Add in a few bazaar touches: lantern, Moroccan pouf.

8. A small bottle of Kahina Giving Beauty argan oil is liquid gold for face, hands, and hair.

9. Learn a few sweet words in Arabic and French and write them on a small note you can tuck under the pillow.

10. Lawrence of Arabia and The Sheltering Sky were filmed in Morocco. Bring one up on your screen as scenery. And relax.


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