How to Bring the Caribbean into the Bedroom

by Team Fathom

Breakfast in bed with a Caribbean flare. Photo: Fathom

So you didn’t take your sweetheart to the Caribbean for Valentine’s Day.

But you still have time to bring the Caribbean home. With a little inspiration and ingenuity, you can turn breakfast in bed into a Caribbean holiday. Here’s how.

Wake Up to Sunshine

1. Borrow or buy a festive serving tray. We’re fans of the Kaleido Trays from Design Within Reach.

2. Cut up your favorite tropical fruit: Mango, kiwi, watermelon, pineapple, and a little cantaloupe for good measure. Arrange in a pretty bowl.

3. Take the easy route with a pre-made smoothie or go the extra mile and mix up one of your own. Pour into a clear glass and top with festive straw or garnish.

4. Decorate the tray with your personal collection of coral, shells, and sea glass. Everyone has one.

5. Sneak in a tiny, lidded oyster box cast in pewter and plated with layers of precious metals.

6. Top the tray off with a baby pineapple. Because, well, who can resist a baby pineapple?

7. Set the mood with an ocean tide + sea salt scented candle.

8. And the best of Bob Marley coming through a Zooka wireless speaker.

9. Spritz the room with Creed’s Virgin Island Water for a fresh, citrus scent inspired by an island sailing adventure.

10. Layer on a few island getaway-worthy gifts like a multi-colored Hodge Bracelet from Holst + Lee or a cute Kiini bikini.


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