Fathom Questionnaire

Meet the Food Blogger: Katie Parla

by Katie Parla

Photo by Jessica Stewart

Hometown: West Windsor, New Jersey. Now living in Rome.

Occupation: Food and travel writer.

Favorite destinations: NYC, London, Palermo, Puglia, Istanbul, Naples.

Dying to visit: Iran and Libya.

Bizarre travel rituals: It takes me hours to pack for a trip, regardless of how short or long. I spend the whole night before packing for a trip, typically from 1-4 a.m., generally being inefficient and failing to learn from experience. I always forget something critical.

In-flight relaxation regime: Absolutely none. As soon as I take my seat, I pass out. I don't recall the last time I was awake for a take-off.

Always in carry-on: A hoodie for freezing cabins.

Concierge or DIY? DIY til I die.

See it all or take it easy? Take it easy.

Drive or be driven? Walk!

Travel hero: Paul Theroux.

Weirdest thing seen on travels: Maybe a severed camel head at a butcher in Syria.

Best hotel amenity: A gym.

I dream about my meal at Noma.

Everywhere I go, I check out the street food stalls, pubs, produce markets, and archeological museum.

When I arrive in a new place, I learn the lay of the land by taking a jog or a stroll depending on fatigue, motivation, and whether I have packed the proper shoes (see bizarre travel rituals above).

I always bring home booze and bacon in one form or another.

If I never return to Side, Turkey, it'll be too soon because the beautiful archeology and Mediterranean coast have been ruined to cater to bloated, sunburned package tourists.

I travel for the food.


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