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All They Want: Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

by Team Fathom
Mekhann Photo by Milo Brown / courtesy of Mekhann.

Gift ideas for travelers — or anyone who wants to broaden their horizons.

Mekhann Embroidered Textiles

These original, hand-embroidered textiles — tablecloths, bed spreads, and runners — are made in Turkiye by skilled local artisans. They won't come cheap, but just look how those silk threads transform any room they grace. (The cushions are a more affordable option.) If you're in London, stop by their Chelsea outpost, and good luck leaving without investing in one of the beautiful framed artworks.

Super Vision Kaleidoscope
Photo courtesy of Super Smalls.

Super Vision Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope with two interchangeable wands offers endless variations and swirly wonders. And how nice to see kids looking at something that isn't digital. Come to think of it, we know many adults who could use this, too. (Also available at

Bialetta Moka Express Alpina
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Bialetti Moka Express Alpina

For those who still make their coffee on the stove — don't hate, flat white brigade, we do exist — an Alpine-themed moka pot makes for an especially charming start to the day. (To say nothing for a killer espresso.)

Golde Healthy Hot Cocoa
Photo courtesy of Golde.

Golde Healthy Hot Cocoa

And then for those who take their pick-me-up to go, this superfood latte blend mixes nerve-calming cacao and with antioxidant turmeric. It's a daily dose of chill (perhaps needed even more so during the holidays).

Cork Massage Ball
Photo courtesy of Corc Yoga.

Cork Massage Ball

If you know anything about cork, you know that it’s the sustainable, regenerative material that’s going to save the planet. If you know anything about plastic, you know it’s definitely not. Which means swapping the latter for the former is a smart choice. Corc Yoga makes yoga mats, blocks, and bags from cork harvested in Portugal, the source of 60 percent of the world's cork production. We've added their lightweight massage ball to our carry-on to relieve future kinks, a great way to kill time on a flight.

Reloader Camera
Photo courtesy of 35MM Co.

Reloader Camera

All the ease and nostalgia for a film camera without the waste of single-use plastics: This Melbourne-based camera company is bringing film back in a fun and sustainable way. The under-$100 automatic flash film camera is lightweight and durable and makes shooting film easy and accessible to every type of traveler. Plus, there's nothing more fun than receiving film back from a trip and getting to relive it all again.

Saje Stress Release Kit
Photo courtesy of Saje.

Saje Stress Relief Kit

Give the priceless gift of stress-free holidays with a one-two-three relaxation kit that comes with a calming aromatherapy roller, inhaler, and reflexology massage ring that hits different points on your fingers to connect to your entire body. The canvas pouch is made from recycled water bottles, so no stress there, either.

Photo courtesy of Anytime Farmhouse Spirits.

Farm-to-Bottle Martinis

All the buzz, non of the gilt: Meet the world's first regenerative-organic-certified spirits crafted by women (who also happen to be best friends). Their vodka and gin are hand distilled and made from 100 percent regenerative, organic certified wheat grown in Hudson, New York. For every shake of a cocktail, the spirit supports American farmers to fight climate change and revive the Earth's soil. Talk about a perfect dirty martini.

Photo courtesy of Tenmile Distillery.

Tenmile Distillery Single Malt Gift Box

Let's keep drinking spirits made by women! Every good bar needs a good whisky, so how about this Little Rest Single Malt made from barley grown in the Hudson Valley, crafted by the team at Tenmile Distillery in New York's Smithfield Valley, the up-and-coming area along the border of Connecticut that's attracting lots of creative chefs, hoteliers, and makers. If there's no such thing as enough gin in your world, they make that, too.

Urban-Landscape Yarn
Photo courtesy of Neighborhood Fiber Co.

Urban-Landscape Yarn

For your knitting fanatic, these hand-dyed organic yarns are inspired by and named to reflect the natural beauty and diverse neighborhoods throughout the nation’s capital. The Black-owned business contributes proceeds from each sale to community organizations in the Baltimore community.

Tokaido Board Game
Photo courtesy of Amazon.

Tokaido Board Game

This travel game takes players on the East Sea Road from Tokyo to Edo with built-in stops for hot springs, temples, and inns.

Yinka Ilori for MoMA Subu Slippers
Photo courtesy of MoMA Design Store.

Yinka Ilori for MoMA Subu Slippers

The Japanese have an expression for everything — even slippers (sutto haku butsu means shoes you can put on in the blink of an eye). These vibrant cuties, with prints by British-Nigerian artist Yinka Ilori, are like down jackets for your feet (very comfy, also practical) and can be worn for quick jaunts to buy milk at the corner store or take the dog for a walk.

OOOF The Flipper Charm
Photo courtesy of OOOF.

The Flipper Charm

OOOF, a.k.a. Out Of Office Forever, is a whimsical design company founded by two women inspired by their work in fashion and their vacations around the world. The Flipper charm, in 18K gold, is a small token that will “unleash the OOOF vibes” on those who come in contact with it.

Janessa Leone Leather Hat Carrier
Photo courtesy of Janessa Leoné.

Janessa Leoné Leather Hat Carrier

An incredibly chic and simple solution for those tasked with the challenge of packing a hat.

Photo courtesy of Context Travel.

Context Travel Guided Tours

Here's a great one for your friends who are on their way to an international city: time with a local scholar, expert, or interesting nerd who really knows how to bring a museum, market, palace (hi, Versailles), or ancient ruin to life. Context Travel leads private or small group tours all over the world (every continent except Antarctica), and they do it responsibly and sustainably (they're a certified B-Corp).

ITA Leisure Chair
Photo courtesy of ITA.

ITA Leisure Chair

Lightweight and foldable beauties from Black-owned brand It A Leisure are UV-coated to protect their popping colors (a bright cream called Erupe, a cerulean blue called Orun, and a tangerine called Osan). For a beach day set-up full of charisma, order a tiny matching foldable table (handwoven in CDMX) and chill.

SteamLine Luggage Packing Cubes
Photo courtesy of SteamLine.

SteamLine Luggage Packing Cubes Set

The charming specialty luggage brand SteamLine Luggage just rolled out packing cube sets in their most popular prints. Each sustainable set (made entirely from recycled water bottles) includes four cubes (two small, one medium, one large).

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