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Our Beauty Editor's Holiday Wish List

by Jane Larkworthy
Photo by Christin Hume / Unsplash.

Fathom beauty editor Jane Larkworthy's holiday wishlist is heavy on self care and cozy, with a little glam thrown in.

Scentbird Gift Subscription 

Give the scent-curious more of what they want: new ones to try every 30 days, the first arriving in a chic atomizer case. Each sample contains 120 sprays, which should last to the next delivery. ($89 for a 6-month subscription.)

Furtuna Skin Replenishing Balm

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better salve that seals in moisture than this super-rich formula. Skiers, sledders, hikers, and anyone who braves the cold and wind will come to rely on this impenetrable protector. ($225; also available on

The Editrix Microneedle

For the at-home aesthetician, this collagen induction therapy gently stimulates collagen while delivering a high dose of vitamins into skin. Created by a former beauty editor, this kit contains two microneedles for two once-a-week applications. ($175)

Aftelier Solid Perfume

Mandy Aftel is the queen of natural fragrances. A walking olfactive encyclopedia, she even runs the Museum of Scent next to her cozy workmantk home in the hills of Berkeley, CA.  Sure, tastes vary in scent, but you can’t go wrong with Fir, Jasmine or Velvet Tiberose. ($295)

FitFlop GenFF Shearling-Collar Suede Slippers 

Guaranteed to make nearly every foot happy, these snug slip-ons are like a hug for your feet. We dare you to try relegating them only to the indoors. ($170)

Diptyque Feu de Bois Large Candle

The OG of the extravagant 3-wicker, it captures the warmth of the forest like no other. ($220)

K18 Next Level Repair Trio

Sure, the holidays are about glitzy parties and cozy dinners, but let’s be real: They’re also about quiet days at home (or at your parents') doing mundane but necessary tasks like cleaning out your closet or pantry and never-have-time-for-it self-care. This formidable threesome of detox shampoo, the brand’s famous leave-in mask, and molecular repair hair oil will have your hair asking, “Why don’t we spend more quiet time together?” ($113)

Kneipp 10-Piece Bath Oil Set

As much as I enjoy extolling the virtues of a meditative bath, I enjoy sharing my favorite bath products. This sampler from Kneipp, the OG of bath oils, allows the bather to experience their wide range of olfactive indulgences before investing in a larger bottle with their ideal scent (and mood). ($32)

Palermo Body The Scrub Pack

And for that occasional shower, this trio of scrubs offers a diverse trio of body-smoothing exfoliation. Circulation-boosting Coffee taps lemon into its scent and uses shea butter and raw sugar to do the polishing; Revitalizing also relies on organic sugar and is scented with geranium and rose hip oil, but Detox is my favorite, with an invigorating tea tree and grapefruit scent and dead sea salt as its smoothing base. ($157)

Rouge Hermès, Matte Lipstick in Rouge Cinabre

At a cocktail party the other evening, I spotted my friend Annie across the room. She’s always dressed uber-chicly (no one does Jil Sander quite as elegantly), but it was her lip color that prompted my must-know demand for the shade. Of course it was Hermès. That led me to peruse its site and land on this vermillion shade, a limited-edition red for the holidays. I mean, if not now, when? ($72)

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