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Casting a Roving Eye on World Travelers

We sat there, feeling slightly awkward by her story of S&M gone wrong. But when she told us that leaving the US was the best thing she'd done, we were inspired to find more like her.

What the Hell is "Hygge"?

COPENHAGEN – If you want to get to know Denmark and the Danish — and right now everyone does — then we have to start with the basics.

Is It Safe to Visit Cairo Now?

CAIRO – Countries around the world are lifting their travel advisories to Egypt. The media hypes a different story. What's the truth? We talk to travelers on the ground to get the truth.

Best Day Ever: Crown Heights, Brooklyn

BROOKLYN, New York – Crown Heights is a hotbed for new restaurants, bars, and shops that co-mingle with classic Caribbean joints and old-school cultural institutions.

Forget Versailles. Go to Vaux le Vicomte

MAINCY, France – Forget Versailles. There's a better, more intimate château just as close to Paris. Same designers, same scandalous history. It's the ultimate antidote to Fashion Week.

Fathom Questionnaire: Laura House

In-flight relaxation regime: I usually fall asleep before we’ve even pulled away from the gate. My husband swears if I could bottle my in-flight-narcolepsy I’d make millions. 

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