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First Impressions of Burma

YANGON, Myanmar – After years of turbulence, this beautiful city opens its heart to the world. Kate Donnelly has a look around.

Yangon Emerges from the Shadows

YANGON, Burma – It's a beautiful, fragile sight. Grand architecture and gilded pagodas that survived years of turmoil mingle with delicious street food and lovely markets.

Feed Me in Yangon

BURMA – What do you get when your neighbors include India, Laos, and Thailand? An incredible fusion cuisine. Kate Donnelly has a taste.

Sri Lanka: Where the Wild Things Are

SRI LANKA – I'm on a far-off journey of elephants, enlightenment, and escapism. And to think a few days ago, my idea of wildlife was East Williamsburg.

Ciao! We're Moving to Italy

NEW YORK to ITALY – Pavia and Jeralyn are hitting the road: They're moving Fathom to Italy for a month tonight. Let the grande avventura begin.

A Party Grows in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN – Mister Sunday is the do-your-thing dance party under the trees on the Gowanus Canal. It may be the happiest place on Earth.

First Impressions: Sarajevo

SARAJEVO – It's battered reputation doesn't even begin to hint at the simple, rugged beauty of the country or its capital city's enchanting blend of Ottoman exoticism and European elegance.

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