I travel for the Culture

Fathom Questionnaire: John Winterman

Favorite childhood travel memory: Being in far western Kansas at midnight, with the high plains wind cutting through me, feeling like I was at the farthest point from everywhere.

Eye Candy: Venice at Carnevale

VENICE – New Orleans and Rio aren't the only ones taking it to the streets to party today. In Venice, they're posing and preening for Carnevale. Come armchair travel with us.

VIDEO: A Marrakech Minute

MARRAKECH – Camels on the beach. Fountains in the riad. Palm trees against a purple sky. Escape to Morocco with a short film by Andrew De Francesco and Gavin Bellour. 

Fathom Questionnaire: Marguerite Richards

Favorite destinations: The strip of coast between Dubrovnik and Monte Negro by scooter. Rome by night. On the road to Porto where a friendly farmer shared his oranges. 

A Minibar Christmas

LISBON – I see a homeless guy masturbating. The same guy who yesterday I would have bet was having sex under his blanket. Well, why not? It's free. And it's Christmas. Small pleasures.

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