I travel for the Culture

Best Day Ever: Rome

ROME – That was fast. Now that the cardinals have picked a new pope, we suggest a walk from the Pantheon toward spaghetti alla carbonara, fried artichokes, and zabaglione with melted chocolate.

Hello, Roma, My Old Friend

ROME – Eiffel Tower? Went up when I was seven. Tower of London? Check. Coliseum? Of course. But what do I really remember? Maybe my child-size visits weren’t enough for a lifetime.

A 12-Step SXSW Survival Guide

AUSTIN, Texas – The bands to see, the parties to get into, the apps to download, the gear to have. Don't even think about heading to the SXSW music festival without us.

Hello. We're Fathom.

NYC – We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you this very important Fathom service announcement.

Fathom Questionnaire: John Winterman

Favorite childhood travel memory: Being in far western Kansas at midnight, with the high plains wind cutting through me, feeling like I was at the farthest point from everywhere.

Eye Candy: Venice at Carnevale

VENICE – New Orleans and Rio aren't the only ones taking it to the streets to party today. In Venice, they're posing and preening for Carnevale. Come armchair travel with us.

VIDEO: A Marrakech Minute

MARRAKECH – Camels on the beach. Fountains in the riad. Palm trees against a purple sky. Escape to Morocco with a short film by Andrew De Francesco and Gavin Bellour. 

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