Love Letter

Paradise Found at Hotel Punta Tragara, Capri

by Jennifer Feikin

All photos courtesy of Hotel Punta Tragara.

When you're on an enchanted island, you want an equally enchanted place to lay your head. Jennifer Feikin finds both in Capri.

CAPRI, Italy – While I truly am not one for hyperbole, Hotel Punta Tragara is simply magical. It's perched atop the cliffs at the very end of the lovely, flower- and tree-ensconced pedestrian-only road. Sculpted out of the rock face and designed by Le Corbusier, the hotel is just stunning.

Punta Tragara Lobby

Hotel Punta Tragara lobby.

When you walk in the lobby, you feel as if you've entered another time and place. The cavernous, arched ceilings create a tranquil and elegant space where modern and old world pieces are smartly combined.

Hotel Punta Tragara Shower

It's so understated and chic that it doesn't even feel like a lobby hotel. It feels like the living room of a wonderfully cool estate.

My guy and I arrived in late October, which seemed to be the perfect time to go, as tourist season had wound down but the weather was still perfect.

During our stay, everything seemed to move more slowly and languorously. Our room was large and very comfortable, well appointed with sleek modern furnishings that created a cave-like feel, which we loved.

When we opened the terrace doors, the room was flooded with the bright Mediterranean sun, a gentle breeze, and the smells and sounds of the sea. And it had a bathroom that I wanted to take home: a huge marble shower built for two and fantastic products.

Punta Tragara Room

Punta Tragara Suite

The rooms. And the views (of course).

When we walked in, we found a tray of scrumptious Italian pastries (yes, I know, that's redundant). As we sat out on our terrace overlooking the view of the famous Faraglioni rocks and the impossibly blue Tyrrhenian Sea, a gecko native to the island joined us for a bite, and we took it as a harbinger of an amazing few days ahead. This turned out to be an understatement.

Terrace overlooking the sea

Your perch, overlooking the mythical Faraglioni rocks.

While we only had breakfast at the hotel, the buffet was consistently delicious, with a large table full of pastries, cheeses, cereals, eggs, and loads of incredible local fruit.

Breakfast at Punta Tragara

Breakfast worth getting out of bed for.

Restaurant at Hotel Punta Tragara

A view to stimulate any appetite.

We somehow managed to pull ourselves away from the hotel for most of the day and evening. But my favorite part about going out was coming back to the hotel: The longish walk back from the center of town, day or night, was gorgeous and so romantic. This was more than one of my favorite places in all of Italy and Europe. It's one of my favorite places anywhere.


Hotel Punta Tragara
Via Tragara, 57
Capri, Italy 80073


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