A Few Days In

The Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef Are Almost Too Good to be True

by Berit Baugher
The beautiful Whitsundays.

Cuddle the koalas, outsmart the jellyfish, waltz with Matilda, spot the Heart Reef from the helicopter. It's all in a day's work in the gorgeous Whitsunday Islands in the Great Barrier Reef.

THE WHITSUNDAY ISLANDS, Australia – First things first: If you're flying to the Whitsundays, get a window seat. The view is spectacular. The seemingly small airstrip makes for an impressive landing. You're surrounded by turquoise waters and leafy green mountaintops.

The archipelago is comprised of 74 islands strung along the coast of Queensland and the periphery of the Great Barrier Reef. Many islands are protected, but the few that have hotels do a good job of covering all price points: There literally is something for everyone. Visitors travel from across the globe to experience white beaches and dive amongst the world's most beautiful coral reefs. Sailing is also hugely popular, drawing a large crowd, especially in August for Hamilton Island Race Week.

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