The Roundup

8 Getaways for Celebrating the Big 4-0

by Berit Baugher

A private pool at one of the hotel villas. Photo courtesy of Paradise Beach Nevis.

Getting your favorite people together for a destination birthday extravaganza doesn't have to be a logisitical nightmare. We've thought it through for you. 

You made it! Time to celebrate the big 4-0. Instead of throwing a birthday bash at home, may we suggest gathering your nearest and dearest someplace far, far away? Chances are there will be a handful of spouses and children in tow, so you'll need a few classy (but comfortable) hotels and baller (but relaxed) house rentals with plenty of space to spread out and a range of activities to span all ages. 

Celebrate your 40th at one of these 8 awesome retreats.

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