Little Black Book

Little Black Book: NOTED Places in Zurich

by Oliver Laubscher
Art and old-world ambiance. Photo: Courtesy of Kronenhalle

Swiss native Oliver Laubscher is co-founder of the travel app NOTED Places, a handy digital notebook for jotting down and remembering local and foreign eateries, watering holes, and hotels. Oli was born in Tauffalen and now lives in New York with business partner and girlfriend Tiffany Winter. On occasion, he trades the chaos of New York for the slower pace of Zurich. This is what Oli's #noted list looks like when he returns to his country's capital. 


Ojo de Agua
Oetenbachgasse 13; +41-44-210-47-00
Cozy little Argentine restaurant by Swiss musician Dieter Meier (from Yello), who serves his own Argentine wine and beef.

Rämistrasse 4; +41-44-262-99-00
A classic Zurich institution. The bar has become the hang out for the city's creative elite. You must try the Zurich Geschnetzeltes — a local speciality.

Geroldstrasse 31; +41-43-818-22-54
The best pizzas in town. The restaurant is set in an old industrial factory in Zurich's hip West End.

Hotel Room

Not your conventional hotel room. Photo courtesy of 25hours


Rennweg 7; +41-44-224-25-26
In the heart of old town, a classic hotel that's home to young and old and combines the unique charm of Zurich.

25hours Zurich West
Pfingstweidstrasse 102; +41-44-577-25-25
A hip and trendy hotel in an up-and-coming neighborhood. A modern alternative to the many traditional places in Zurich.

Dante Basement

Dante Bar

Basement and bar. Photos courtesy of Dante


La Stanza
Bleicherweg 10; +41-43-817-62-82
A quartier classic — great coffee and people watching.

Dante Bar
Zwinglistrasse 22; +41-43-317-19-18
The It bar in town serves incredible cocktails to a hip, creative crowd. The evening home for all the cool kids. 

Museum Rietberg
Gablerstrasse 15; +41-44-415-31-31
A true gem of a museum, with one of Europe's richest collections of East Asian art.



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