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Our New Book Is Here! Now Get Back in the Travel Game

by Team Fathom

Some people baked, binged, Zoomed.

We wrote a book.

Travel North America (and Avoid Being a Tourist) is an homage to the stories, histories, landscapes, and cultures of the vast and diverse North American continent. It's the must-have travel book of the summer, and it's now out in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Writing about the future of travel while much of the world is staying put was an interesting challenge. As lockdowns are lifted and people start moving around, they'll shed old habits and develop new ones. The future of travel will encourage us to stick closer to home for a while, to slow down and pay attention to the world around us, to expand our minds, to support each other, and to get really close to nature.

Just like our first book, Travel Anywhere (and Avoid Being a Tourist), we tapped into a treasure trove of time-tested recommendations (both classic and little-known) and a network of interesting people (chefs, novelists, designers, innkeepers, musicians) to provide inspiration and practical trip-planning advice for modern travelers looking to rediscover the continent.

With a focus on the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean, Travel North America (And Avoid Being a Tourist) includes chapters exploring the post-pandemic travel mindset, holidays that follow nature's lead, tons of road trip ideas, and recommendations for traveling more responsibly, sustainably, and gently.

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Excerpted with permission from Travel North America: (and Avoid Being a Tourist) by Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba, published by Hardie Grant Books, June 2021.

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