In the Magazines: February 2012

by Berit Baugher

Love comes in all shapes, tastes, and sizes. This month the magazines are gushing about the cuisine of San Sebastián, vintage jewelry from around the world, mountain climbing in Cuba, and Carnevale in Venice.

Conde Nast Traveler

On the cover
: Art galleries in Java, houseboats in Kalimantan, and a jungle lodge in Borneo — Deborah Dunn looks beyond Bali to find Indonesia's hidden gems.

- Sun, Sea, and Gastronomy: With more Michelin stars per capita than any other city, hedonistic pleasures abound in Spain's food capital, San Sebastián. Christian L. Wright shares her picks, from the lunch of a lifetime at Mugaritz, to a dinner of never ending small plates at Borda Berri, Ganbara, and Bar Tamboril.

- A Scene Grows in Brooklyn: Curious about the best place to write a novel longhand? Boris Kachka takes a literary lens to New York's favorite borough in search of the best cafes, bars, and bookstores.

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Travel + Leisure

On the cover: Fifteen years after the Khmer Rouge fled, Thomas Beller shares his observations on a changed Cambodia.

- Bring It Back: Lynn Yaeger's global guide to the best vintage jewelers.

- The Real World: Visits soared after Florence hosted the Jersey Shore and Bora-Bora entertained the Kardashians — Chris Norris reports on the influence reality TV has on American travelers.

- 2012 Cruising Report: Lisa Cheng and Jane Wooldridge gather everything you need to know to plan your next aquatic adventure: Five Great River Cruises, Up-and-Coming Cruise Ports, VIP Cruise Amenities, The Ultimate Cruise Ship Cabin, and Best Large-Ship Cruise Lines.

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We covered the January/February issue in our January roundup, but here it is again.

On the cover: Majka Burhardt explores Havana by night and breaks the rules climbing Cuba's karst mountains by day.

- The French Connection: Sibling dynamics are on full display as writer Matt Gross recounts a winter trip to Montreal with his younger brother Steve.

- Danny Hess's San Francisco
: A list of neighborhood favorites from the Outer Sunset resident and sustainable surfboard designer of Hess Surfboards.

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We covered the January/February issue in our January roundup, but here it is again.

On the cover: Sheila Buckmaster shares details of her annual pilgrimage to Venice for Carnevale, where she joined in the festivities dressed as Charlie Chaplin.

- A Magical Mystery
: Well aware of the cliché, Frank DiCesare embraces pop-culture history and recounts crossing the famous Abbey Road.

- The Buzz in Mexico
: Melina Gerosa looks out for the Melipona beecheii bee.

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