Travel Loot

Get the Goods: Northern Stylings

by Jeralyn Gerba

Have yourself a grand European vacation. Photos (from top left): the great outdoors (photo by @valahalldorsdottir); Picto wrist watch (photo: courtesy of Finnish Design Shop); Velorbis bikes (photo by @limaalphauniform for Velorbis photo wall); Nina Z clog (photo: courtesy of Scandinavian Grace)

Pretend you're on a European vacation. Get into the bike lane and ride like the wind.

1. Tour de fill-in-the-blank.

There's no better way to get around winding canals and cobblestone streets than on the Cadillac of two-wheeled cruisers: a top-quality, sit-up-straight Dutch bicycle. A handmade leather bicycle wine rack snaps to the frame, waiting for a ride to the next dinner party. Affix roll-up panniers to the rear tire as a classy carryall solution on long jaunts. 

2. Host a proper picnic.

Spread a vintage tartan blanket on a grassy knoll. Have a tasting tour on a cheese board: a French triple-crème, tallegio from Northern Italy, goat cheese from England, and Scotch biscuits, French waffles, and a crusty baguette. Italian glass storage containers keep crudité in place. A perforated cotton napkin roll make for easy packing. Disposable bamboo utensils are lighter than silverware and feel better than plastic. 

3. Keep it on your person.

Keep your balance by traveling light. Track time with a minimalist Danish watch. Mop a brow with a Marimekko handkerchief. Pedal around in clogs.


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