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Get the Goods: Beach Bound

by Becky Cheang

Things are just beachy. Photos: Courtesy of Warby Parker and Anthropologie

You've got your swimsuit, your flip flops, and your sunscreen. Here's everything else you need for a day at the beach. 

Whether on the French Riviera or the Jersey Shore, make some waves with these accessories.

Sunglasses, Twist Scarf, and Baseball Cap

1. Stay Shady

When I look through old vacation photos, I'm always the one squinting at the camera. Though I like my Vitamin D as much as the next sun worshipper, I've learned that shades and head gear keep my beach look sharp.

Warby Parker's classic Ormsby sunglasses ($95) come with polarized lenses that reduce glare and protect eyes from UV rays. I also like that they have prescription options ($150) since I'm blind as a bat without my glasses and contact lenses dry out really fast on windy beach days.

Saturdays Surf's Canyon Cord cap ($40) keeps the sun and wind out, and the navy stripes are subtly nautical.'s twist scarf ($20) is fun, worthy of at least one Instagram, and a super easy way to manage bangs by on a windy day.  

Paddle Ball, Beach Radio, and Beach Towel

2. Kick Back

It's hard to get active on lazy beach days, but a paddle ball set ($30) always makes it a little easier. Plus, it will help justify the ice cream bar you eat for lunch.

Play DJ for the day with the Sunny Life beach radio ($50). It's light, MP3 compatible, runs on AA batteries, and is water resistant. The speaker box is configured to keep your iPod dry and free of sand.

I guess you could just lay out on a beach towel and work your way through Fathom's summer reading list. Saturdays Surf paired up with artist Gordon Harrison Hull to create this explosive fireball print beach towel ($55).

Baggu Sailor-Stripe Weekender

3. Bring It All

I am partial to anything with stripes, and the spacious and super durable Baggu sailor-stripe weekender ($72) is my go-to bag. I especially love the double set of straps for multiple carrying options.


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