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Innovative Ideas Make a Big Difference

by Team Fathom

Poolside at the Rayong Marriott Resort and Spa. Photos courtesy of Marriott.

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The travel industry has come a long way from the days of telegrams and horse-drawn caravans. We have translation apps in our pockets, flatbeds on airplanes, and feather-light titanium suitcases on wheels. But then, as now, a trip isn't always a vacation.

On one end of the spectrum, there's a growing trend in traveling to unplug and escape from it all. But the modern reality is that most people mix work and play when traveling, and are constantly looking for places, spaces, and amenities that allow — and encourage — mixing business with pleasure.

How can the modern travel experience be improved to reflect this hybrid lifestyle for the next generation traveler? That's a question Marriott is tackling with their new Travel Brilliantly campaign. To bring the hotel experience beyond the four traditional hotel walls, Marriott Hotels has opened the floor to the public, asking travelers to submit their travel inspired ideas to their site, TravelBrilliantly.com in the following six themes: technology, eat and drink, work and play, health and wellness, style and design, and outside the box. The ultimate goal is to make every aspect of travel brilliant — even beyond the hotel stay. In addition to their contest submission pages, the site also hosts videos and images detailing the innovations they're working on.

The submissions that have been submitted to TravelBrilliantly.com run the gamut from thoughtful gestures and practical services to technological breakthroughs. Here are a few of the ideas that are gaining traction in each category:


Zoned Surround Sound: In keeping with the theme of design that's responsive to people's movements, this would allow guests to play their music library or favorite streaming radio station on the go, in the shower, or on the balcony.

Eat & Drink

Local Restaurant Partnerships: An idea that strikes a chord in this era of hyper local travel would have Marriott partner with local restaurants for delivery services and neighborhood recommendations — a great way for travelers to connect with a particular destination through the hotel.

Stocked Mini Fridges: To let travelers enjoy a continental breakfast at their leisure.

Rayong Marriott Great Room

The Great Room at Rayong Marriott.

Work & Play

My Social Work Space: This would enable guests to reserve a special desk in the new Marriott Great Room, one that's spacious, comfortable, and stylish, with room for colleagues to gather and collaborate.

Health & Wellness

Phone-check: Like many ideas submitted in health and wellness, this is about relieving stress by allowing guests to check their phone at the front desk to get a break from their device.

Aromatherapy: Wouldn't it be nice to relax and re-energize with custom, in-room aromatherapy?

Style & Design

Potted Plants: Business travelers want their rooms to feel more like home. A bit of greenery would be an eco-friendly and soothing touch.

Fabric steamers: Nobody likes ironing a blazer. Fabric steamers in the closet make the problem easier.

Outside the Box

Marriott Airport Lounge: Imagine an alternative to the airline club, one with WiFi, snacks, and front-desk check-in.

The themes are clear: Make travel more fluid, functional, and fun. Marriott is on a journey to re-imagine the future of travel. And they want you to help them make that future brilliant. Submit your ideas to TravelBrilliantly.com, and you just might win a trip to work with innovation experts worldwide.

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