Best Day Ever

Fathom's Book Party in the Dreamiest Store in SoHo

by Team Fathom
Fathom founder Jeralyn Gerba holds court. All photos by Daniel Schwartz.

Last night in New York City, we threw a party at Michele Varian, the dreamiest designer home goods boutique in SoHo, to celebrate the launch of Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being a Tourist), our new book. (Ring a bell?)

We had tasty snacks, FeverTree soda, and many bottles of rosé, which we consumed from chic Moroccan glassware. The medley of mesmerizing home goods from around the world were highly coveted by everyone in attendance — the warm crew of travel journalists, Fathom friends (and readers!), and curious travelers. Michele Varian gave the opening remarks before turning over the floor to Fathom co-founders Pavia Rosati and Jeralyn Gerba, who then signed books and shared travel stories. Here's a visual recap. If you couldn't make it, we hope to see you at our next event!

Fathom founders Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati flank designer and Event host Michele Varian.
Team Fathom includes California Chaney (in slightly blurred version) and former superintern and rising power publicist Kim VanderVoort (in chic leather).
Jeralyn signing books.
Our beloved lawyer, Kenneth McVay of Gunderson Dettmer, and Fathom founder Pavia Rosati.
Dannielle Kyrillos, Juliana Jaoudi, Karen Chi, and Ben Schott.
Media executive (and bosslady) Alison Moore, Pavia, and LinkedIn's Juliana Jaoudi.
Berman Horn Studio's Maria Berman and LinkedIn's Karen Chi.
Writer Eleni Gage, Jeralyn Gerba, Kim VanderVoort, and Pavia Rosati.

Get the Book

Travel Anywhere (And Avoid Being a Tourist), by Jeralyn Gerba and Pavia Rosati, published by Hardie Grant Books.

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