Eye Candy

Head in the Clouds in Zhangjiajie, China

by Vivien Liu

Hop a cable car and see the landscape from above Tianmen Mountains. All photos by Vivien Liu.

Admiring the spectcular views from a funicular in the Chinese countryside. Vivien Liu snaps away.

ZHANGJIAJIE, China – I'm always on a quest to visit new places and share my experiences through photography — for myself. I have seen very little of the landscapes in China and I feel that for many people out there, the country is primarily known for rapid urbanization, economical growth, and rampant industrialization. Metropolises in the east like Shanghai and Beijing come to mind before the natural beauty of the more rural west.

So, along with a few friends, I set an agenda to try to visit the national parks and scenic landscapes of China. Zhangjiajie was first on the list because of its unique, extreme natural beauty and relative proximity to Hong Kong, which is where I'm based. I hope I am able to show people around the world a more picturesque, less industrial side of China through these photos.

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