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Things Fathom Editors Want Right Now - Vol. 15

by Team Fathom
Les Photo courtesy of Les Editions du Studio.

In an effort to uncover the best in travel, we spend a lot of time traversing the world — and the world wide web. Here are the goods we can't stop thinking and talking about this month.

Philips Sunrise Alarm

Philips Wake-Up Light

It's only January, but I feel like the deep freeze we recently experienced in New York is just a taste of what's to come. I will train my eyes on sunnier days, starting with this colored sunrise simulation alarm clock. It gets excellent reviews for its 20 adjustable brightness settings — including a sunset function and timed dimmer — so that you can ease your way to spring a little more gently. ($127) – Jeralyn, editorial director

Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Seedlip Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirits

I'm not interested in dry January, but a little break after holiday excess is in order, so I'll be making — and ordering — my drinks with Seedlip, a delicious non-alcoholic spirit made from old English apothecary recipes. Garden and spice varietals are available, and if you want cocktail inspiration, check out how they're using it at Trick Dog in San Francisco, Nine Lives in London, and The Fat Radish in NYC. — Pavia, CEO

Les Editions du Studio

Destination Travel Guides

Over the years I’ve amassed a pretty extensive collection of indie travel guides. There’s something about small-batch, labor-of-love guidebooks that I find irresistible. I spotted the most recent addition to my bookshelf at Kapok in Hong Kong. The Destination guides are part of a series that includes design-minded cities like Barcelona, Helsinki, and Paris, along with French California, a region of France that I really want to visit. (€14) – Berit, senior editor

Best Made Gloves

Best Made Company Wool Knit Gloves

These are my favorite gloves for city living and travel. They’re not too chunky and they keep my hands toasty in most conditions. I lost mine last year, so I didn’t get to test them out during the Bomb Cyclone, but I’m eyeing another pair in case such Arctic conditions decide to come back. ($48) – Daniel, editor

Yllo Face Mask

Yllo Turmeric Face Scrub

The Bengali cofounder of this skincare brand is getting back to his roots — literally. Yllo uses South Asian super-root turmeric in every product, claiming benefits of brightening, reduced redness, and even skin tone. I'm eyeing the face mask for some post-flight rejuvenation. Major bonus: 10% of their proceeds go to Girls Not Brides to fight child marriage and sex trafficking. ($16)– Kim VanderVoort, contributor


Osea Hydrating & Age Defying Everyday Essentials

I think most of us can agree that moisturizing beauty products are key to surviving any long-haul flight. Last month, I upgraded my in-flight travel kit with a collection of supercharged natural beauty products from Osea. The hydrating cleansing milk, sea vitamin spray, oil, and face cream are petite enough to survive the TSA and added a much-needed touch of luxury to a recent fifteen-hour flight. ($48) – Berit

Moment Lens Filter Mount

To pair with their lineup of premium smartphone lenses, Moment is releasing an attachable mount that supports polarizers and ND and UV filters. (Read more about their lenses here.) This will allow mobile photographers to get balanced sunset shots, to shoot long exposure during the day, and to cut glare off water. It’ll also help with shooting video. ($40) – Daniel

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