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Make a Break for It: Surf Tahiti with Sally Fitzgibbons

by Sally Fitzgibbons

Photo: Courtesy of Sally Fitzgibbons and Roxy.

Just because you're going off the grid, it doesn't mean you don't want options. Tahiti gives you about 118 destinations for escape. Our friends at Roxy hooked us up with pro surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, who island-hopped during the Roxy Spring Break 2013 campaign shoot, and told us just where we needed to go. So what if it's only in our daydreams. 

Best place to stay: I haven't hunted around a lot for different places, but I really enjoyed the InterContinental Hotel. Awesome pool, great gym, and really nice place to hang and relax right on the water.


Photo: Scott Soens/courtesy of Roxy

Best surf break: We didn't luck into an amazing swell last visit, but I liked surfing the strip from Teahupoo to Big Pass. Really world class waves.

Best beach: We hung out on really pretty beaches on Moorea. (It's a short ferry ride between islands.) Amazingly blue water and white sand beaches. Beautiful.

Best spot to recover: InterContinental Hotel on Moorea is really nice to kick back and relax. Great spa facilities to get pampered before hanging out by the pool overlooking the ocean.


Best locals-only spot: The markets right by the ferry terminal on the main island. I saw amazing local handcrafted Tahitian goods and jewelry made from the famous Tahitian black pearls.

Best lunch: We spent a week on catamarans anchored out by the waves and were lucky to have awesome chefs on board. I definitely recommend this adventure — it's a different experience from what you're used to.

Best escape: Going out on a boat, even if it's just for the day. Go snorkeling on the reefs and swimming with the stingrays and sharks if you feel daring. 

I would bring my friends: Out surfing around Teahupoo and all the reef passes. 

Best surprise: Swimming with stingrays and reef sharks. They are 100 percent harmless and trained. It was cool to get up close and personal with these amazing creatures.


Photo: Scott Soens/courtesy of Roxy

I brought back: Really nice sarongs and beautifully smelling soaps and oils.

The thing I miss when I'm away: I spend a lot of time on the road bouncing around competing and surfing so many different countries. I really just miss my family and friends.

I always go back for: A great swell. I am always hunting and searching for the next best wave.






All photos courtesy of Sally Fitzgibbons and Roxy.


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