A Few Days In

A Romp Through the Scottish Countryside

by Jade Moyano
Exploring Jade Moyano takes us on a trip around Scotland in a camper. All photos by Gianluca Fellini.

When bad weather threw plans of a motorcycle trip off course, writer Jade Moyano and photographer Gianluca Fellini jumped into a camper for a ramble through the Scottish countryside. The views were incredible.

SCOTLAND, United Kingdom – Even if you don't belong to a clan, you can appreciate the beauty of rolling hills, winding roads, Highland glens, and crystal clear lakes that make up the Scottish countryside. 

The castle in the photo above was Eilean Donan Castle. It was almost begging to be Instagrammed, so we made a ten-minute detour on the way to Skye.

Running on Empty

As much as I love traveling to big cities, there’s nothing like getting lost in nature, to disconnect in order to reconnect. A road trip through Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Skye was a mind-expanding gift: I filled the soul tank.

The Plan

My original plan was to ride the 300+ miles from Edinburgh to Skye on the back of a friend’s motorcycle. Watching and hearing about him travel to all corners of the world on a BMW Motorrad was jealousy-inducing but also inspiring.

The Scene

The road to Skye is famed among riders for its smooth, windy, and scenic roads. So I begged him to be my driver on this journey.

Warning: Unpredictable Weather Ahead

But it's the UK, and unpredictable weather put a toll on our plans. We ended driving a rental car we found last-minute at the airport. Part of being a good traveler though is knowing how to handle unpredictable changes in plans without pouting, so I took this chance to learn how to drive on the left side of the road.

Heeding Nature

Leaving Glasgow’s straightforward highways and merging into more complex routes was tricky. I swear, cars seemed to just barely fit into their respective lanes. It marked the real beginning of this journey!

Scottish Highlands

Driving rural backroads around gave me a real sense of harmony. 

Full of Air

Scotland is one of those places where time doesn’t faze people. I never felt there was a rush or energy wasted. It was a perpetual theme of the trip.

With a View

While walking toward a sunset over a deserted cliffside beach, I stumbled upon an old lady, her trailer perched carefully at the edge of the precipice. Best viewing spot in the whole area. 

Alone. Not Lonely

Do you ever miss a memory you never had? I felt nostalgia for her, for the life she may have lived and the memories that emerge every time she watches the sun go down.

Magic of Simplicity

Because Skye is so open and so quiet, it was very easy to appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Take a Picture, It'll Last Longer

We drove for sixteen hours, doing two loops around the Isle of Skye via South Skye and Sleat. Then we made our way across to the towns in the central regions of Portree and Sligachan — quaint and extremely photogenic.

Kilt Rock

We approached the famous Kilt Rock on a sea cliff in Trotternish.

Castles for a Queen

This spot practically begged to be Instagrammed: Eilean Donan Castle. We made a ten-minute detour on the way to Skye.

Kaleidoscope of Colors

The scenery changed often and unexpectedly: Patches of long pasture and rolling hills suddenly gave way to cliffs and deep blue waters.

Fairy Pools

A swim at Mealt Falls and Fairy Pools were perfect for recharging my batteries. I also took a quick meditation break in the hills.

Winding Roads

A fairy pool is a hiking trail.

Never Want To Leave

Isle of Skye can be seen in a day or in a month. Its compactness makes it easy to navigate. It's unparalleled beauty makes it hard to leave.

Infinitely Magical

I’ve been to many beautiful places in the world but Skye was pure magic.

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