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Life of Leisure: 10 Gifts for Your Summer Host, House, Picnic, Patio, and Person

by Team Fathom
Photo courtesy of Bertoli.
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We’re gonna get right to it: It’s HOT. We can barely think of anything else. Beat the heat or bask in it with pristine summer picks that will enhance the time you spend outside. On this list you’ll find:

  • how to impress the grill master
  • a chic way to smoke out the no-see-ums
  • a patio seat that screams riviera 
  • the tennis dress with game

Citrus Squeezer

Fill a basket with lemons, a bottle of simple syrup, and this hand-held juicer (choose from bird, swan, fish) — and make lemonade and conversation for your friends all weekend long.

Japanese White Charcoal

Impress the grill master with a bundle of Binchotan. From white oak branches, it’s 95% pure carbon, making it odorless and nearly smokeless, with a long burn time.

Garden-Inspired Tableware

Bring an English garden touch to the picnic with napkins and tablecloths inspired by the flowers at the Thyme hotel in the Cotswolds.

Incense Coil

Hanging citronella is a super chic way to keep the mosquitos at bay. Place at various heights or keep on a stand on the tabletop and let the steady stream of incense waft around you.

Incense coil photo courtesy of Fredereicks & Mae; towel photo courtesy of ITA; pillow chair photo courtesy of Ash.

Pillow Chair

A custom-woven, upholstered, “physical embodiment of languid Riviera glamour and seaside musing.” In blue, yellow, red, and green.

Luxe Beach Towel

This 100-percent premium cotton, quick-drying towel is inspired by Ghana’s traditional Ewe kente cloth. In various color combos.

Tennis dress photo courtesy of Vuori; picnic basket photo courtesy of SunnyLife; portable fan photo courtesy of Gear Elevation.

Portable Wearable Fan

A compact, bladeless fan that can be clipped to your waist, collar, hat (and beyond) to provide five hours of soft breeze on the sweatiest of days.

Tennis Dress

Break out the champagne and strawberries to serve with this sleek tennis look from Vuori.

Picnic Basket and Cooler

Chill as you chill your rosè at the park or beach. Made from rosewood and wicker with a wooden lid that doubles as a cheeseboard.

Chlorophyll Detox Drops

An easy-drinking and refreshing blend of chlorophyll, lemon, and mint to show your liver some love after a night of summer fun.

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