The Roundup

Stay Fit on the Road with (Fun! Inspiring! Sweaty in a Good Way!) Streaming Workouts

by Pavia Rosati
Streaming Photo by Jonathan Borba / Unsplash.

I spent six weeks traveling this fall on a change-hotels-and-cities-every-two-days trip through Marrakech, Italy, and London. Super fun! So intense! And very, very bad for my fitness regime. Especially because lately, when it comes to exercise, I want to turn off my brain and just follow a nice (by which I mean: persuasively forceful) instructor who pushes me to do twenty more lunges and another 30 seconds on the plank. Meaning, I want to take a class, not invent my own workout at a hotel gym.

This sent me online looking for options. I found so many, and these are my favorites. None of them require special equipment other than your body and maybe a yoga mat.

I find workouts to go useful year-round — at my friend's beach house, at home at midnight when I need a stretch. These will be especially nice to try during the holiday season, when many of us will be staying with friends and family or at hotels that may not have a great gym — and when we need counter-programming for all the feasting and boozing. To make it even easier for you (and me), just hit play from this web page.

Online Gyms - Subscription Services

This is a really great idea: Join a virtual gym and can stream as many classes as you want. Bonus: Obé is offering Fathom readers a nice discount.

Express HIIT Class with Melody D.

Express Legs and Butt with Emily D

Express Dance Workout with Katie L.


Take what you love about Class Pass — the variety, the teachers with ax cult following — and put it into a website. That's the clever idea behind Obé, the streaming fitness company that gives members unlimited access to 2500+ classes for $27/month — less than one boutique fitness class.  Most of classes are 28 minutes and organized around three pillars: Sweat (cardio), Define (strength), and Flow (yoga and stretching), ensuring an almost endless array of instructors, workouts, and styles. They also offer 10-minute express classes for people who like to rush (I'm raising my hand, which is why I embedded three above). Their helpful how-to is a sort of virtual personal coach. Do you need the contact high of others working out around you? Join one of the 100 live classes offered weekly. 

This is all to say that if you get bored with Obé, it's on you, pal.

Here's even more incentive to try it out: You can use the code FATHOM to get 30% off your first month in addition to the 7-day free trial.

Bulldog Yoga

Bulldog serves terrific yoga classes that are great for their pace, their music, and their lively, unstuffy vibe. (These yogis aren't obsessed with burning the palo santo, in other words.) Online classes are divided by style (Activate, Invigorate, Exhilarate, and short Bulldog Bites), ability level (from beginner to advanced), and length of time. The monthly rate is $12.99, and you can try it free for a month. Bulldog has apps for iPhone and Android and also streams on Roku, AppleTV, and FireTV. If you want to check them out IRL, visit their studios in Boulder, Colorado, and Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Online Classes — Free

Standing Postures wish Sasha Nelson

Sasha Yoga + Wellness

Before she moved to Paris, I used to take Sasha Nelson's yoga classes regularly. She's soothing and challenging, and has the nicest way about her. Her YouTube channel has many meditation videos in addition to yoga classes.

Charlee Atkins' 5-Move, Full-Body Toning Workout

Charlee Atkins

Five moves, repeated a few times, for a total body workout. That's about as simple as it gets. Well+Good has workouts from many different trainers. This one is great for its no-fuss ease.

Yoga For Back Pain | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga with Adrienne

I don't know who Adrienne is, but when my back was nearly paralyzed stiff a few months ago, the only thing that unkinked me enough to stand up straight this workout for two days in a row. Warning: It's slow! I was bored! But it was clearly exactly what I needed, and I'll be coming back to this for the inevitable next time.



My friend Hilary Rifkin has written about staying fit on the go for Fathom before, but her Instagram takes fitness inspo to a whole new level. Follow her and check her stories for near-daily workouts, some at the gym, some on the front lawn with her adorable Labrador Bo. She has a special penchant for bikini workouts in the snow (if you had her abs, you would too) and hasn't met a push-up she couldn't beat into submission.