The Roundup

Spring Break Gone Right

by Team Fathom
The Hello, skipper. Photo by Andrew Goble/Courtesy of The Yacht Week.

HUNGOVER SOMEWHERE – We’ve lived through teenage antics in Cancun and have seen girls go wild in Daytona Beach. Along the way, we have paid for our mistakes (mixing liquors, sorority tattoos) and learned many valuable lessons. Mainly: How to plan for a spring break without regrets. Here are a few smart group vacay ideas.

British Virgin Islands

The Scene: The Yacht Week, unique, week-long partying on staffed yachts that sleep up to a dozen people. Bring your BFFs or come ready to make new ones. (They also sail the Mediterranean and Thailand.)

Party Warning: It's not for the seasick, for those afraid of close quarters, or for anyone who isn't ready to strip down to their bikini.

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