Eye Candy

The Côte d'Azur Is My Perfect Escape

by Amanda Marsalis

The drive to dinner looked something like this. All photos by Amanda Marsalis.

In case you missed it on our Instagram account, Amanda Marsalis's stunning #FathomTakeover from the South of France made us want to get on a plane immediatemente. We've long been fans for the way she documents her travels on her blog and on Instagram. Take a spin through the slideshow; you'll see what we mean.

CÔTE D'AZUR, France – I was in France visiting my old friend Tom at his family home in Plan de La Tour. I met Tom thirteen years ago when I was traveling in Zanzibar. I had agreed to go out on a boat with him and a bunch of scuba divers, even though I have a tendency to get very seasick. As I turned an awful shade of green, Tom (who was only a stranger back then), took pity on me and helped me until we got back to shore. We've been friends ever since.

Throughout the years, Tom has been a big part of my travels. I visited when he lived in Australia. We travelled together to Morocco. We've met up in New York. I've gone to see his family in Bath, England. But my all-time favorite place to spend time with my dear old friend is at his family's house in the south of France. My ultimate happy place.

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