Fathom Favorites : Buenos Aires

1. Banco Hipotecario, Central Branch

No one would ever guess that a banking institution is responsible for a daring architectural marvel, but that's exactly the case with Banco de Londres y América del Sud. On the corner of Reconquista and Bartolome Mitre streets is Clorindo Testa's extraordinary and fantastical brutalist masterpiece that operates as Banco Hipotecario's central branch. The general public can visit during banking hours.

Reconquista 101
Buenos Aires,

2. Aramburu Bis

The second installment from Gonzalo Aramburu and team (of the great Aramburu) takes traditional dishes out for a new-school spin.

Humberto Primo 1207
Buenos Aires,

3. Urban Station

Who needs Starbucks when you can plot out your day and catch up on work emails at a stylish coffee-shop/mobile workspace equipped with everything from conference rooms to printers?

El Salvador 4588
Buenos Aires,

4. Olsen

This Scandinavian restaurant serves the city’s most notable brunch in a sleek, modern warehouse space with a beautiful ivy-covered garden. Order the Danish smorrebrod and sip and swill one of 60-plus vodka shots.

Gorriti 5870
Buenos Aires,

5. Fífí Almacén

Simple and seasonal fare served at a restaurant-deli where chalkboard menus rest on wooden fruit crates, walls are covered in bright white corrugated zinc, and the floors are painted a striking avocado green.

Gorriti 4812
Buenos Aires,

6. La Cabrera

Resign yourself, before you even visit, to the fact that you will walk out of here wondering how a person can consume so much steak. It’s okay that you ignored the gruff and helpful waiters who suggested you take it easy. Blame the dark wood paneling and the inviting chalkboard menu. You were a goner before you started.

Cabrera 5099
Buenos Aires,

7. Restaurante Patagonia Sur

Francis Mallman is easily the most interesting, lusty, and rugged chef in South America. He's usually grilling on a pampa somewhere, but if you're lucky, you'll catch him at his elegant and welcoming outpost in La Boca. The neighborhood is sketchy, but the restaurant, easily one of BA’s best, is worth the trip.

Rocha 801, Esq. Pedro de Mendoza
Buenos Aires ,

8. L’Orangerie at Alvear Palace Hotel

Put on your Sunday best for high tea and garden dining at one of the city’s finest hotels. Finger sandwiches and custom Alvear blend tea are delivered by servers wearing white gloves. Make reservations in advance and ask to sit in the courtyard.

Avda. Alvear 1891
Buenos Aires ,

9. Farinelli

The modern cafe hangout for locals is an ideal spot for a quick lunch or a long, leisurely brunch. Try the smoked eggplant and goat cheese croquettes for a savory afternoon treat.

Arroyo 900
Buenos Aires ,

10. El Cuartito

You haven't been to Buenos Aires if you haven't tried fugazetta, a tomato-less pizza with onions, and mozzarella melted on an airy flat bread with a thick, flaky crust. Grab a slice at one of the city's oldest and best pizzerias and wash it down with a bottle of Quilmes.

Talcahuano 937
Buenos Aires ,

11. Basa Basement Bar & Restaurant

Part restaurant, part lounge, the industrial basement space is a local favorite for its international cuisine and expertly crafted cocktails. Head barman Ludovico de Biaggi has been mixing drinks since the age of 13.

Basavilbaso 1328
Buenos Aires,

12. La Brigada

When in Buenos Aires, eat grass-fed beef. Lots of it, especially as lomo (sirloin). This is one of the city's best parrillas, full of old-timey gaucho style.

Estados Unido 465
Buenos Aires,

13. Tegui

Dont be fooled by the small, unassuming space and the limited menu. Star chef Germán Martitegui, of Olsen and Casa Cruz, is doing impressive Argentine food here, and it will be one of the meals you talk about when you leave.

Costa Rica 5852
Buenos Aires,

14. Paru

Sushi meets ceviche at the excellent Palermo Hollywood restaurant specializing in Japanese food with a Peruvian twist.  

Ave Valentín Alsina 1450
Buenos Aires,

15. L’Hotel

A charming Provence-inspired hideaway that has thoughtful details in spades. Comprised of two old houses joined together, each of the 23 guest rooms is unique in design and decor, some with garden views and others with private balconies. A quiet back garden with a swimming pool will have you wondering if you're in the city or the countryside.

Thames 1562
Buenos Aires,

16. Hotel Pulitzer Buenos Aires

A sleek look and affordable price point are two qualities that make the boutique hotel stand out in a well-heeled district known for attracting high-end clientele. Rooms are compact, featuring both vintage and contemporary furniture in neutral tones and materials like caramel-colored leather and light oak wood. Pack your swimsuit for a dip in the rooftop pool.

907 Maipú Street
Buenos Aires,

17. Faena Hotel Buenos Aires

A flamboyant riverfront retreat with a theatrical spin. Picture bright red carpeting, black horsehair furniture, and a wall of unicorn heads: The decor is not for the faint of heart. Tango lessons can be arranged on a dime; the city's top troupe, Rojo Tango, performs nightly dinner and cabaret-style shows in the 1920s-era bar.

Martha Salotti 445
Buenos Aires,

18. Alvear Palace Hotel

For Belle Époque splendor, head to the grande dame of the hotel world. Crystal chandeliers, Persian rugs, and gilded walls decorate the French-inspired public spaces, while rooms are done in Imperial-style decor with Louisi XVI furniture and round-the-clock butler service. The breakfast buffet at L'Orangerie is legendary.

Avda. Alvear 1891
Buenos Aires,

19. Jardin Escondido

It's just like dropping by another friend's casa — if your friend happens to be Francis Ford Coppola. The comfortable living room is decorated with contemporary paintings, tribal masks, woven tapestries, and the director's photography book collection. The proper breakfast spread includes mate, bold coffees, eggs, fresh fruits, and breads. Before setting out, soak your feet in the pool.

Gorriti 4746
Buenos Aires,

20. Legado Mítico Buenos Aires

A cozy, low-key townhouse with polished wood floors and rooms inspired by Argentinian icons like Eva Perón and Che Guevara. Curl up with a good book and a glass of local malbec in the library.

Gurruchaga 1848
Buenos Aires ,

21. Home Buenos Aires

Completely hip but totally unpretentious boutique hotel with Scandinavian-style furnishings, French wallpaper, and a beautiful back garden with a pool. They’re almost always booked, so make reservations well in advance.

Honduras 5860
Buenos Aires ,

22. Palacio Duhau Park Hyatt Buenos Aires

The two wings — a grand 1930s mansion with a garden and a sleek minimalist tower — are connected by the hotel art gallery, which has a curated collection of paintings and sculptures by Latin American artists.

Av. Alvear 1661
Buenos Aires ,

23. Mio Buenos Aires

Boutique wine-themed hotel where guests arrive through massive French oak doors made from old wine barrels. Rooms have personal wine refrigerators and bathtubs carved from the native calden tree.

Av. Quintana 465
Buenos Aires ,

24. Hub Porteño

Antique furniture mixes with modern design in this 11-room townhouse that doesn’t feel like a hotel so much as a grand family home. More than a place to lay your head, it’s an experience. On-call experts are ready to accommodate (and inspire) your every whim — from learning to tango to riding horses on an estancia.

Rodríguez Peña 1967
Buenos Aires,

25. Algodon Mansion

A fabulous, pitch-perfect marriage of 19th-century city mansion living and 21st-century conveniences. Incredible service, including butlers who can help arrange great meals, city tours, and excursions.

Montevideo 1647
Buenos Aires,

26. Casa Cavia

A gorgeous old mansion and courtyard serve as the setting for impeccably curated books, perfumes, homewares, and kitchen goods — not to mention a bar, patisserie, library, and florist. 

Cavia 2985
Buenos Aires,

27. Sabater Hnos

A 70-year-old family business has been revamped and modernized by the younger generation. Brightly colored artisan soaps come in a range of contemporary scents including green tea and chocolate.

Gurruchaga 1821
Buenos Aires,

28. Enseres Bazar

A tiny kitchen shop carrying handmade ceramics, enamelware, and their own line, which includes a darling selection of French-inspired hand towels.

El Salvador 5986
Buenos Aires,

29. Tintha Stationery

A sweet stationery and gift shop that mixes classic and modern design. Nab a few of the vegetable soaps from Tintha’s eponymous spa line and a notebook to remind you of your travels.

Costa Rica 4902
Buenos Aires,

30. Paul

Down a hidden passageway lined with potted topiaries and nickel lanterns lies one of the city’s most charming home goods stores. Stock up on scented candles and stop for a pot of tea at nearby Tealosophy.

Gorriti 4865
Buenos Aires,

31. San Telmo Antiques Market

Every Sunday morning through late afternoon, Plaza Dorrego fills with stalls of antiques and bric-a-brac. Head to the main hall for less touristy goods and stick around after closing for tango in the square and a cafe cortado at Bar Plaza Dorrego.

Defensa 1454

32. Vasalissa Chocolatier

A luxury chocolatier named for the female heroine of a Russian fairytale and run by third-generation chocolate makers. Flavors include pirámide de papúa, made with a velvety ganache, and 71-percent cocoa Peruvian truffles. It’s hard to leave with only a few, especially when you see their exquisite red toile wrapping.

Callao 1940
Buenos Aires ,

33. Fueguia 1833

For a splurge-worthy souvenir, pick up an exquisite perfume tucked in a handmade wooden box wrapped in a historic map of Patagonia. Scents range from glaciers and ice to the imagined smell of Darwin's cabin as he began writing Origin of Species.

Av. Alvear 1680
Buenos Aires ,

34. El Ateneo Grand Splendid

A truly special bookstore inside a 1914 performing arts theater. Cozy up with a book in a theater box and marvel at the original balconies and frescoed ceilings.

Av. Santa Fe 1860
Buenos Aires ,