Traveling Solo

Traveling on the Rebound

by Team Fathom

Vacation. It's how Stella got her groove back. Photo courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

It hasn't been a great season for love. Johnny and Vanessa. Katie and Tom. Robert and Kristen.

And while it's true that you can never know what goes on in a relationship, and while it's also also true that we here at Fathom are not gossip mongers, we are steadfast in our belief that travel is deeply healing after a setback or break-up. It is also envy-inducing. Who needs a revenge fantasy when there are frequent flier miles in your future?

1. Make 'em jealous.

Book a perfectly tropical (and possibly star-studded) getaway to GoldenEye, Jamaica.
Climb aboard the gorgeous Silolona, and ply the South Seas.
Run away to surfer camp, complete with hard-bodied Lisbon, Portugal.

2. Go wild.

Go on a dream safari with newborn giraffes, charging rhinos, and lazy lions in Zambia.
Play with the players in Vegas.
Sweat it out with former Green Berets in America's great outdoors.

3. Flirt with a big city.

Spend a Sunday like a local in Paris. Or Amsterdam.
Fly solo in New York City. Or London.
Be good, then bad, and get divey in Austin, Texas

4. Park yourself at the bar (but not just any bar).

Order an Aperol spritz at Hotel de Russie in Rome.
Make it a double at Eau-de-Vie in Sydney.
Stay until last call at Rosebud in Paris
Wake up with the bartender at Barchef in Toronto.

5. Spoil yourself silly.

Check out of reality and check into a schmancy spa resort in Austin, Texas.
Channel your inner Jane Birkin or Serge Gainbourg at a dreamy hotel on Crete.
Chill out with crystal grottoes and a rock sculpture in Sedona, Arizona.

We make every effort to ensure the information in our articles is accurate at the time of publication. But the world moves fast, and even we double-check important details before hitting the road.