Packing List: Ilaria Urbinati

by Ilaria Urbinati

Ilaria and Waffle are going places. 

Ilaria is a stylist living in Los Angeles. She travels for the stories she'll tell her kids. And to find her future retirement town. No way she's growing old in LA. She let us peek into her suitcase to see what she has in tow when she hits the road. 

Travel soundtrack: Lots of movie scores, especially anything from Rachel Portman, James Horner, Phillip Glass, Thomas Newman, and recently the Downton Abbey score.

Suitcase standbys: Proenza Schouler tee, white Keds, Warby Parker tortoise sunglasses, Daughters of the Revolution butterfly dresses, J Brand jeans, Balenciaga belt, Dolce bustier dresses for cocktail attire, Rebecca Minkoff black leather motorcycle jacket, Cartier Love Bracelet in rose gold from my husband.

Momento from home: For years, I thought it was bad luck to travel without the old ripped Black Crowes concert T-shirt I've had since junior high (stolen from older sis).

Momento from the hotel: matches.

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